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LEGO Super Heroes 76054 Batman: Scarecrow Harvest of Fear Building Kit Review



After the Lego 76054 Batman Scarecrow Harvest was officially launched at the London Toy Fair last January, so many fans were fascinated by the build’s setting – An agricultural landscape, which was just rather unusual for a Lego DC Comics build, since they do tend to showcase cosmic or urban places. Another thing that caught the fans’ attention were the array of brand new minifigures found with the build.


The very first minifigure in the series is Batman. It seems like no Lego DC Superheroes build is complete without the caped crusader. This iteration of Batman includes loads of lime-colored accents, instead of the usual yellow. There’s also a lime-colored stripe found on the top of one side of his dual-sided head, as well as small flashes of lime found on the printed silver metallic breastplate.

When it comes to Batman’s gear, his minifigure also comes with a printed grey utility belt, a new Batarang, as well as a brand new breathing apparatus piece. Bruce probably needs this so that he won’t fall victim to the Scarecrow’s nasty toxic fumes.


… And speaking of which, Scarecrow, the main baddie of this build, also gets a really nice update over his previous iterations. He also has a new look, using a recolor of the Wacky Witch hairpiece and hat combination, originally from the Lego Monster minifigure line. But for Scarecrow’s version, the hair sports a medium dark flesh tone to it, while the hat is orange.

It is highly unlikely that the Farmer is going to be one of the main incentives that would cause you to end up purchasing this build, but this is still a fantastic addition to the 76054 nonetheless. Unfortunately, he only carries one expression here – A look of pure terror. Most likely the reason for this is because of the dark red baseball cap that he wears – This would leave a secondary expression completely exposed at the backside.


The Blue Beetle’s minifigure is, obviously, covered in blue. However, he’s also got a hint of black in his overall design as well. He’s got dual black and blue molded legs, along with a black face and mask printing. This goes well with his creepy yellow eyes, which stand out from the remainder of his body. His torso looks similar to an insect’s thorax.

The Killer Moth minifigure is probably one of the things that could get you to purchase this set immediately. He never disappoints at all. The minifigure looks gaudy, but the fans love him anyway. He comes in a molded lime helmet with an antenna in it, while the head found underneath it also comes in a lime color. There’s a printed flesh-colored face underneath that wears red goggles. He’s also got a rather determined look on his face, and without any goggles. The other side sports a frightened look. Contrary to the Blue Beetle minifigure, the Killer Moth moves from one place to another with the help of his huge fairy wings, which come in a bright orange hue.


It has actually been a really long while since Lego has released a City Farm sub-theme. But Lego is definitely fond of producing red tractors, like the ones found in the Lego 6608, Lego 7634, and the Lego 30284. The model seen with the Lego 76054 is one of the more modest versions, without a cab for the driver. It also shows signs of wearing and tearing, including the stickers placed on the panels, as well as several brown patches which are meant to represent rust. Or maybe the farmer hasn’t been doing too much of a good job lately so he decided to quit. We would too, if we were constantly being attacked by a crazy supervillain made from straws.


The tractor is comprised from a simple plate measuring 2 x 8. It also utilizes some really good SNOT at the front side, to place on a pair of red cheese graters. So many fans really did like how the black telescopes were utilized, along with the tiny taps on the side of the engine so that it looks like external paperwork. This, in general, is a small yet perfect representation of the subject matter as a whole.


Next part is the helicopter. It seems like a Lego DC Comic build would not be complete if there’s no 1.) Batman figure and 2.) A helicopter. We have been through so many superhero-themed builds that contain a helicopter (Lego 6866, Lego 76007, Lego 6863, Lego 76046). But it has to be said that the helicopter that comes with the 76054 most likely lies at the rather successful end of the entire helicopter spectrum.


More proof that Batman only works in dark grey and black hues, the vehicle also contains plenty of blue parts on its body, rotor blades, and its roof. Its body is created with the help of a tiny blue boat hull, as well as a bunch of wedge bricks utilized on the sides of the build, which is connected through SNOT.


The vehicle’s cockpit is just large enough to put the Batman minifigure in, even though it doesn’t contain any visible controls, even while in the form of a sticker on its transparent neon orange bricks measuring 1 x 2. The panels are supposed to represent a display screen. The Batman logo on the transparent black canopy will be given through a sticker, instead of a print.


We discovered the interesting part of constructing the helicopter’s tail, since it does include two dark blue and grey sliding plates that measure 1 x 8. These are placed right inside the 1 x 4 grooved bricks, which belong back to the body.


At first we thought that this was simply a rather different way of placing the tail into its position, instead of utilizing SNOT bricks, but it actually activates a very nifty playable feature in the 76054. When you push the tail inwards, the two flaps on both sides of the helicopter will pop right in, to show off a pair of studded shooters.


The entire instruction book is supposed to be all about constructing the combine harvester. This isn’t the typical subject matter for a Lego Superheroes set. But this also just happens to be the main reason why several fans ended up purchasing this build, since it fits the theme of agriculture in the 76054.


The combine revolves around a chassis filled with loads of Lego Technic elements, which contains a whole bunch of different gear wheels which can afford one more playable feature that fans hadn’t appreciated in past builds: While the vehicle gets rolled all across the surface, the cog mechanism goes around the thresher section at the front side.


Once again, the machinery used here looks a tad bit worn out, since they carry tones of dark tan and brown and have sustained even more damage stickers. However, the transparent neon green accents throw in a rather unnatural and scary dimension to the model itself.


At the rear end of the vehicle, Scarecrow was clever enough to throw in a rather scary customization to his own pair of wheels: This is a tank that is comprised of two neon green half cylinders, which you can separate to put something inside of it. Meanwhile, the assembly in general can be tilted from a vertical to a horizontal position, and vice versa.


While building, we have placed four bombs of fear gas right inside the tank, as told by the instruction book. The same book also suggests positioning the poor farmer inside it – Probably the reason why he looks so frightened.


These fear bombs come with rounded plates measuring 1 x 1, so you can connect them right away to the brown studded shooter found on the front side of the vehicle.


All in all, the Lego 76054 definitely marks a rather interesting departure from the typical setting and fare that Lego DC Comics provides its fans. Unlike most builds from the same series, the three models all seem to work well with each other, forming a very cohesive and sensible storyline. Each vehicle also has its own merits, since none of them feel like boring fullers that only serve to increase the parts count. It would still be great if we can modify the agricultural vehicles so we can use them for a Lego City farm scenario as well. The combination of a harvester and a helicopter build have also managed to include loads of exciting playable features. There are loads of amazing minifigures found in the build as well, and in our opinion, the ones that stand out the most are Scarecrow and Killer Moth. To sum it all up, we think that this set’s expensive price tag is highly justified. So if you happen to be a Lego DC Comics or a Lego Superheroes or a Lego collector in general, then this build is just right for you. Of course it’s even better if you could purchase the build at a huge discount.

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