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LEGO Super Heroes 76055 Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash Building Kit Review



Oftentimes, Lego’s DC and Marvel-themed builds have received plenty of criticism from fans and critics alike, solely because Lego has a tendency to create wonderful minifigures but not fantastic builds. But three Marvel Superhero sets released last summer have definitely broken this mold, since the main standards of these superhero-themed builds have greatly improved compared to the past few years. So we were hoping that the Lego DC builds went the same way and would be just as impressive.


The Lego 76055 Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash build is probably the biggest of the three sets that come in the latest series of Lego DC builds. It’s pretty much noted for including a bigfig of the supervillain Waylon Jones, aka Killer Croc. Fans have been waiting for so many years for Lego to include a Killer Croc bigfig, as well as the debut appearance of other minifigures, such as Red Hood. Also included in the build is a reimagined version of the Bat-Tank, which gives you plenty of high expectations about this set in general.


Batman’s minifigure makes its fourth appearance in the build, and it’s not really that difficult to see why this iteration of his hasn’t been given an update, all thanks to the quality of the prints on both the back and front sides of his torso. It would have been great to see dual-molded legs on the Batman figure, since they have shown up in the Lego 76035 Jokerland build released last year. But the blues and the dark greys look wonderful too.

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana is a one of the three brand new characters included in this build. She made her official debut in the DC Cinematic Universe through the film Suicide Squad, in which she was portrayed by Japanese-American actress Karen Fukuhara. The themes used in the film don’t really match the ones seen in official Lego products, but it’s still nice to see that Lego has managed to produce comic versions of dozens of new characters in the build, together with Harley Quinn and Deadshot in the Lego 76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase.

Red Hood has got to be one of the more interesting characters in the entire Batman franchise, so we were glad to see that his character has gotten the minifigure treatment. He’s got a dark tanned jacket printed on top of body armor, while his torso looks amazing. He’s got a Red Hood symbol decorated on his chest, which matches the comics very nicely. There are also a couple of folds found on his jacket, which is printed on the backside together with details found on the mask at the back of his head.

George Harkness/Captain Boomerang is known to be a rather easy target, but he comes with two new boomerang elements. He might not look threatening, but he’s still got a potential to be a dangerous enemy. He will also be making his film debut in Suicide Squad (played by Jai Courtney) but prior to that, he has already showed up in the Arrow and Flash TV shows (in which he was portrayed by Nick Tarabay), so those who enjoy those two shows might end up purchasing the 76055 as well.


Killer Croc has not had an appearance in a Lego build since 2006, and this new bigfig of his seems slightly different to the original. The most obvious difference here is the size, which is honestly interesting, since he will be making an appearance in Suicide Squad as well (played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) so it would be nice if Lego released a normal-sized minifigure of him too. But a Killer Croc bigfig is good nonetheless, since it reminds us of his version seen in the Arkham video games.

Red Hood’s minifigure is accompanied by a red motorcycle. This is actually the first time that the brand new vehicle has shown up in this color, without any form of black printing for its windscreen. The whole thing looks fantastic, and is littered with stickers found on both sides so you can easily tell who this motorcycle belongs to.


Killer Croc’s own Chomper is, on the other hand, a huge mess. The overall look already looks weird on the box, but so many fans had assumed that there might be a bunch of hidden features in it that could completely justify the build’s own aesthetic choices. Too bad this isn’t exactly the case with this build, since the only function that it carries has been shown very poorly, while the nastiest features of the model are completely unjustified as well. You have to exert a little more care in regards to the build’s look. Meanwhile, a couple of additional pieces would’ve given the Chomper a look that matched the appearance of its owner, as well as the beautiful Crocodile tribe vehicles from the Legends of Chima build. We’re really sorry for saying this, but this has got to be one of our least favorite segments in a Lego superhero build.


One thing we do like about this though is the pearl silver ammunition belt that has been utilized to build up the curve of the build’s lower jaw. The teeth on the inside look amazing, however, there’s an obvious lack of a floor and this lessens the full playable value of a snapping jaw, since you can’t simulate a minifigure being eaten. Instead, a figure that passes right in between the jaws will instead be left on the floor while the Chomper passes on top of it.


Another error here is that the actual chomping function doesn’t work too nicely either. The Chomper’s upper jaw is meant to both open up and close down while the vehicle is moving. However, the entire mechanism only lets the jaw move by a few centimeters. Meanwhile, several Lego Technic elements that the build uses are fully exposed when you open up the Chomper’s mouth. You can actually open up the build even further but this isn’t really necessary and only serves as a testament to the poor features and design of the build.


We were also disappointed by the amount of texturing found on top of the build, which didn’t look great at all, especially when you compare it to the crocodilian-type builds as seen in the Legends of Chima builds. The eyes, specifically, were very disappointing since they come as a pair of transparent yellow slopes that measure 1 x 1. They have been positioned on top and look ugly thanks to their positioning, as well as their weird color.


The vehicle’s jaws look particularly sloppy and hurried, but this doesn’t even compare to the Captain Boomerang tower portion of the build. This segment has been bolted to the sides of the model, with the aid of several Lego Technic pins. Meanwhile, no attempts have been made to hide the obvious shift between the blue and green hues in the build.


You can make Captain Boomerang himself stand right on top of his own tower, and have the boomerangs launch right from the front with the help of a Lego Technic plunger. This is a function that works nicely, but doesn’t make up for the absolutely poor finish of the lookout tower.


You can place the Killer Croc bigfig right in position behind a control console. He does look a tad bit awkward just standing there, but it’s hard to properly secure Lego bigfigs in general. The console sticker looks wonderful, since it does look messy. You can also see Batman shown on a screen right in the middle.


The build contains more errors while we move on to the backside of the build. The tail even looks just as unfinished as the remainder of the model. You can move it from one side to the other really effectively. However, the yellow bushes that are secured using Lego Technic pins can be very distracting, and we’re not really feeling enthusiastic about the dark blue elements utilized on top of it too.


You won’t find any levers either to move that tail, and this is pretty much a missed opportunity for a bigger entertaining playable feature for the 76055. The tail is instead adjusted manually.


It’s a good thing the Bat-Tank is so much superior when compared to Killer Croc’s Chomper vehicle. The yellow and black colors of the build do have a nice balance to them, especially when you look at them from the sides and the front of the vehicle itself. Another thing we like about it is its unusual shape.


The armor plates are highly important to any Lego tank build, and it even looks great here since it sports a combination of flattened and curved slopes which Lego uses to good effect.


So many of this set’s aspects are highly impressive, but the weird design of the Killer Croc’s chomper vehicle will definitely prevent you from enjoying the entire build as a whole. That particular segment looks completely unfinished, while the play value is also very low since the functions don’t even work well as we would have expected.

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