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LEGO Super Heroes 76057 Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Building Kit Review



During the recent annual London Toy Fair, Lego managed to capture their audience with several of their grand builds – But the one that stood out the most was the Lego 76057 Spiderman Web Warriors: Ultimate Bridge Battle. Given that it’s a Marvel-themed build, we expected that it would come with a wonderful array of minifigures, mostly from the Super Heroes set. There are instances in which the minifigures from superhero-themed builds would look disappointing, or they would look good but the builds would be the opposite. So it was very much considered as a welcome surprise each time a build of this magnitude would show up at a renowned event.



As some of you may know, having big expectations for a certain build will sometimes lead to disappointment – But we are happy to report that this isn’t the case when it comes to the 76057. In fact, this build is super impressive and has clearly wowed us. This has got to be one of our favorite Lego builds to date.


There are seven minifigures found in this build, and six of them are new. Despite being the lead character, the Spiderman minifigure has got to be the least interesting of the bunch. Although we do like the prints on both his torso and head, we feel like there’s still lots of room for improvement, especially regarding his spider-suit: It definitely needs an update, in our opinion. We would also like to see more iterations of the suit in future builds, especially since the same minifigure has been appearing in Spiderman-themed builds since 2012.


Spidey’s got dual-molded legs, the same legs which have made their appearance in the Lego 76037 Rhino and Sandman Super Villain builds during the previous year. It would be great if Lego has added printing to Spidey’s arms as well, like his look in the Lego 76067 Tanker Truck build. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for an updated minifigure sometime in the future.


The Spiderman figure comes with a brand new element that allows him to simulate web-casting. This feature has been fitted to his hand with the help of a transparent 1 x 1 plating with a bar found on the other side. The webbing’s ends have the same width as a standard bar, so there’s plenty of attachment points for the feature. And not only that, the plate is highly versatile as well.


We think this particular plate is going to be highly useful for other Spiderman-themed minifigures in the far future, much like the one introduced with the Lego 20482. We’re pretty excited to acquire more of the plates. These pieces are also available when you purchase the Spiderwoman minifigure, alongside the other Spiderman-themed sets. There are spare plates in every figure as well, so it’s relatively easy to collect a few. White strings are also available with the build, meant to represent the web’s threads.



Even though the assortment of minifigures is wonderful, the bridge build itself is so much better. But this set also includes several smaller models that help prettify the main build itself. We will talk about this first before we head on over to the main build. A green garbage can, and accessories that are meant to represent flames can simulate the bridge’s destruction, alongside a police bicycle which you can also split into half quite easily, since they’re joined together by a single hinge.


This is similar to the ATV found in the Hulk-themed Lego 5003084. It’s just really unfortunate that Lego didn’t even think about including a police officer in the build, but it does serve its main purpose as a structure that is meant to be destroyed by the nefarious Green Goblin or other villains.


The Green Goblin minifigure isn’t really seen without his glider, so it was only right to include it as an accessory. This has got to be the best incarnation of the Green Goblin itself. He’s got sleek angled wings, changeable flaps, and his glider has its own set of stud shooters which are seamlessly incorporated right into the model. You can easily take them out if you prefer to leave in the stud shooters and use it for another time, but in our opinion, we think they look good. A flaming thruster can be attached at the backside of the glider, while a slope gives it a nice shape. You can get the Green Goblin minifigure to stand on top and slide it into place nicely, so you can make him bend down a bit to create a very realistic pose. Another thing we notice is that the Green Goblin also has his own pumpkin bomb, which he can throw at the bridge to create chaos. This includes a similar flame piece as the one in the 76058 Ghost Rider and Spiderman team-up, but for this issue, the flames are connected to the pumpkin. The pumpkin also has a spooky carved face, which we think is amazing.


The bridge build comes with plenty of Easter Eggs – The first one is found at the end of the completed bridge build. Before we can discuss that in further detail though, we have to mention that the Lego 76057 is a giant build. The whole structure, once completed, measures at least 44 centimeters in length and 33 centimeters high, right to the top of the flagpole. The bridge is impressive in size. But we think the amount of detail that Lego has managed to put in this build is much more surprising, since the bricks found in the build all have amazing textures. And not only that, they look mighty spectacular as well. There’s a good amount of bricks included which have studs on their sides. These will allow Spidey to crawl up the bridge and save the day.


Meanwhile, the Easter Egg found at the end of the bridge is meant to look destroyed. We think it looks nice, especially with the touch of exposed pipes and beams, as well as a roughened edge on the tarmac. The tiles, which come in a certain angle, are utilized to simulate the damaged part of the bridge, along with a catapult which you can use for either the garbage can or one of the minifigures. This represents a piece of the destroyed tarmac, which works to a certain extent. We do think that this is the weakest portion of the entire build, and taking it out could actually improve how the bridge looks.


There’s a pair of signposts that can support a sign from either one of the sides of the road. Like the destroyed tarmac, this could also be destroyed right away, and you can reattach them with the help of the click hinges located at the base. The signs found on the top can be divided in half when you decide to do this, to create some intense destructive action. But they also fit together in a secure manner while standing up. The signs direct you to the airport, Peter Parker’s office at the Daily Bugle, and the downtown area.


One more sticker here is the bridge’s highway number. This has got to be one of the more favorite references of the entire build. In real life, Route 25 runs beginning from the tip of Long Island right into the heart of Manhattan, through the Queensboro Bridge. It ends at Hell’s Kitchen, where a fellow Marvel superhero, Daredevil, resides in. This might seem like pure coincidence since the detail seems very subtle for it to be intentional. However, according to one of the Lego 76057’s set designers, they actually did put this on purpose. This is proof that the people behind Lego are also fans of Marvel and the range of Marvel superheroes.


The roadways that cross through the bridge are comprised of many tiles in various shapes and sizes. The build is meant to arrange them in a haphazard manner, and in certain ways, it could look messy at the end – Even though it fits the bridge’s whole rustic look. We’re not too enthusiastic about the stickers which have been placed on the road to signify the cracks on the bridge, but if you want, you can leave off this detail.

There’s a trapdoor located in a shortened distance straight onto the bridge. You can open this up by pulling a tab located on the side of the bridge itself. There’s also a pillar that is enclosed with webs, so it acts like a prison cell for the bad guys. This in itself is a fun feature, and does not damage the interior or exterior of the bridge build. It’s also a good place for Peter Parker to place his camera in, so that he can catch pictures of the action as it happens and send them over to the Daily Bugle.

This set was just incredible. We like the minifigures, but the model itself is the one that has impressed us the most – A rarity when it comes to Spiderman-themed builds. There’s just plenty of play features in here, as well as details that make references to the comics themselves. This will certainly appeal to Marvel fans everywhere.

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