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LEGO Super Heroes Attack on Avengers Tower 76038 Review



The Lego 76038 Attack on Avengers Tower is the second release out of a series of builds that Lego has released to promote the film Avengers: Age of Ultron.


The set contains over 500 pieces, and comes at a price of $59.99. This is pretty much equivalent to over $0.12 per piece ratio. We ended up buying the set when it was on sale at Amazon, but as of this year, the set is currently sold out. The box includes four numbered brick bags, two giant instruction booklets, a comic, and a sticker sheet.

The first minifigure in the 76038 is the Iron Man MK suit. This is a new minifigure in the series, and he contains some small differences between this minifigure and his past iterations. He bears the standard gold and red prints on both the front and backside of his torso, as well as the front and backside of his legs. His mask carries the similar mold as all of the other Iron Man minifigures, except he carries black outline prints on them. Meanwhile the Tony Stark headpiece is pretty much the same as the one seen in the past versions. He’s got a separate hair piece as well. Iron Man’s accessories include transparent and light blue studs, as well as rounded bricks that are meant to look similar to the suit thrusters. The same iteration of this figure will be seen in other Avengers: Age of Ultron builds.

This marks the second time that Thor makes an appearance in the Lego Marvel builds. He is also given an updated look, like Iron Man. The backside and front side of his torso print is a tad bit different as his Avengers: Assemble iteration, since his legs there are plain blue. He also sports a brand new red cape which is constructed from the brand new fabric that’s showing up in Lego builds lately. The God of Thunder’s face printing is also new, since he bears a tiny smirk on his face on one side, while the other side carries an angry expression. Meanwhile, his blonde hairpiece is the same as before. His main accessory is of course, Mjolnir, his powerful hammer. The same version of Thor will also show up in the Lego 76030 Avengers Hydra Showdown build.

The third minifigure in the build is the Ultron MK 1. A closer look at the minifigure tells you that the printing on his body is comprised of several parts that come from other Iron Man suits. The suit that he wears actually looks the same as the one that his film counterpart wears when he walks out of the Avengers Tower. Even though the coloring doesn’t look the same, it does bear a couple of similarities here, including the Avengers logo across his chest area. Ultron’s head is also clear with a couple of prints surrounding the damaged parts. His accessories include transparent studs in dark blue, along with rounded bricks for his thrusters. The first Ultron minifigure is only available in this set.

And lastly, there’s the two Iron Legion minifigures. They carry the same look as Iron Man himself, albeit they have different colors to them. Both minifigures are usually white with several dark blue shades scattered all over the mask, the legs, and the torso. There’s also the red Avengers logo found on their chest, as well as the leg area. The helmets that they wear also come in a dark blue shade, but with a slight gold finish for their masks like the real Iron Man mask. Their heads come in a transparent orange piece, with a bit of printing on them. Much like the Ultron minifigure, the two Iron Legion characters also have thruster studs on them, as well as rounded bricks, but in a transparent red color. They are also exclusive to the 76038.


The Avengers Tower itself is a rather huge build. There are three floors to this thing. The tower opens up using hinge pieces to reveal even more details found on the interior of the building. The build contains plenty of playable features all over every floor of the structure.


One of the few things you’ll notice here is that there are several transparent blue window panel pieces located on the front and back side of the building, giving it a beautiful overall look.


The first floor of the tower is composed of some sort of laboratory for the Iron Legion minifigure. You can roll down the front side of the window while the floor can be pushed a bit forward, allowing the minifigures to slide out quietly. The remaining details on the bottom floor include a bed, as well as a fire extinguisher. The box showcases Tony Stark/Iron Man lying down on the bed for some reason. You can also find a tiny blue syringe piece inside the medical cabinet.


Moving on to the second floor, there’s a small space built for the Ultron MK 1 assembly station. You can also find a rotating base for Ultron to stand on top on, while two hinged arms come with dual lightsaber pieces, which are supposed to create the main villain of the second Avengers movie. The windows on the side of this floor can also be pushed out, much like the ones on the first floor. This is done by using the switches on both sides of the building. This simulates the part in the film where Ultron breaks free from his jail.


Meanwhile, the other side of the same room is where Loki’s Chitauri Scepter is stored and currently being analyzed. There are details about the scepter kept on the computer screen through a sticker. There’s a difference between the scepter accessory from the Avengers: Assemble builds and the 76038, since the one seen here contains a tiny transparent dark blue gem that has been placed in the center.


On the top side is the rounded balcony of the Stark Tower, now known as the Avengers Tower. Not much is seen here – However, there’s a sofa accessory which you can open up to reveal a tiny gun accessory. You can also find glass accessories for the beverages. Beneath the balcony are several stud shooters. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tower, you can find a control panel with screens and three keyboards. The middle part of the panels showcase the ‘Ultron Project’, while the remaining two simply contain prints of graphs.


On the outer windows, you can find stickers that form the Avengers logo which you can stick on both sides of the tower. One of the sides contains four, while the other one has five. For some fans out there, placing stickers on a build is a daunting task since you have to get them correctly lined up, or else the sign will look crooked and unappealing. But after you place them on with much patience, the entire thing actually looks nice. Here’s a tip: Place the second and sixth stickers on first, so putting on the rest of them is much easier.


Lastly, the roof contains a secret compartment in which you can bring down to show off a hidden drone. The drone, which came from Stark Industries, contains a playable feature with dual stud shooters.


The Lego 76038 is a finely-built set all in all. Even though it’s a tad bit smaller than whatever fans had expected, it’s still so nice that they were able to release a build centered on the tower. If you want to compare the size of the minifigures to the tower itself, then the tower is definitely a tower, and it’s got a pretty decent size to it all in all. The minifigures are nicely designed too, and a couple of them are highly exclusive to this set. We don’t recommend using the Super Jumper piece since it usually ends up damaging the minifigures’ legs.


In regards to the tower itself, there are loads of playable features, and tiny details scattered throughout the construction process, which is a delight. One of the bigger downsides when it comes to the 76038 is the infinite amount of stickers you have to plaster on to the tower, especially the huge Avengers logo one found on the window. As a perfectionist, we had to reapply the thing several times in order to get them lined up quickly. Despite all that though, we still recommend purchasing the build when you see it in stores.


The Lego 76038 has got to be one of the finest offerings that Lego Marvel has given out to date. It’s pretty much a playset. Even though it’s not as big of a build, there’s still loads of playability and personality that comes with it. And not only that, it also works as a very excellent display piece, together with an exciting and fun playable set for the younger fans.

This set is highly recommended. We enjoyed the amount of detail shown here, as well as the fact that it makes a fabulous display piece for nearly all Lego Marvel-based sets.

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