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LEGO Super Heroes Avenjet Space Mission 76049 Review



After we finished Lego 21122 build, we wanted something a bit different than the normal old Lego city sets or the Lego Star Wars sets. While there are many amazing Lego 2017 sets, we decided it was time to give Lego 76049 set a try and today, we’re happy we made this decision. This is a pretty cool Marvel Superheroes set and while a part of us wants to tell you to go out and buy this set right away, without giving you any additional details, the other part knows that it is only fair that we tell you about the set so that you can determine whether or not you will want this set or not. Mind you, before we go any further, we’re going to warn you that you’re not going to find any Lego Disney minifigures here, but you are going to find some pretty cool Marvel Superheroes!

There’s a total of 523-pieces in this set, so you’ll have a lot of fun. While there’s no mention of this on the box, we believe this has been inspired by events from the Marvel Avengers Assemble cartoon. When you have the set put together, if you’re familiar, you’ll see what we mean.

The Box

The picture on the box is pretty interesting. On the box, you’ll see an epic battle taking place between the Avengers – Iron Man, Captain America and Captain Marvel and the villains Thanos and Hyperion. Captain Marvel is the one that is piloting the Avenjet. All of this is taking place against a cosmic backdrop, which makes it even more appealing.

Here’s a picture of the front of the box:


Flipping the box over and looking at the back, you’ll see the play features like the Avenjet’s detachable mini jet and the weapons.

For your convenience, here’s a picture of the back of the box:


Contents and Build

In this set, when you open up the box, amongst everything else, you’re going to find Lego Building Instructions. This set contains one booklet, so if you plan on working with a friend, you should make some copies. Inside the box, there’s also a small sticker sheet, a short comic and a total of four bags that contain parts. We’re thankful Lego has decided to use plastic bags to separate their parts, because this makes it much easier on us.


In this set, we find a couple of new, maybe even rare elements. We were surprised to find that the 6x6 dishes used for the engines were printed – normally, they would have been stickers. There’s also the blue 1x1 round tiles that are printed with a star, instead of just using plain tiles, which we normally see in some of the other sets.

With the first build, you’ll be focusing on the Thanos and constructing his dark blue “hoved boots.” They have accents of gold and trans-pink, which look pretty cool. There’s also a pair of the ubiquitous stud shooters. As for Thanos himself, he comes outfitted wearing dark blue and gold, which is a nice compliment for his lavender skin and it seems to be consistent with the artwork that we have seen.

With the next build, you will be focusing on the mini jet. This connects to the main body of the jet and is build up from the base. It consists of a 2x4 wedge plate and a 4x8 bluish grey plate as well as various brackets and wedges that have been added to give the jet its shape. As for the wings layer, there’s red wedge plates that have been placed on top of the white ones. This technique created a nice stripe effects and the wings are finished off with red trapezoidal flags, which are pretty cool.


At the rear of the plane, there’s modified 1x4 bricks that have grooves build in. Those are there in order to provide the mechanism for connecting them to the mini jet on the Avenjet. The main body consists of a modified 1x2 plate, which has handles that neatly slides into the grooves of the bricks. It can be mounted onto a pivot so that you can tilt the mini jet into a take-off position.

When it comes to constructing the main body of the Avenjet, you’re going to have a lot of fun. During this build, you’ll be using a Technic frame assembly along with a multitude of SNOT bricks and brackets in order to enable the greebling elements like cheese graters, bows, and double cheeses. During this time, the wings will also be securely connected by using Technic pins. There’s articulated technic connectors that will be used at the front so that when you attach the nose, you can put it in a downwards angle.

The last section to be built is the front cockpit – this build uses the same type of trans-black canopy set that we used in the mini jet and we don’t have any complaints about this. There’s two more red flags that are attached at the rear in an attempt to conceal this connection to the main body. During this time, you will be applying most of the main stickers to this section of the model. In our opinion, we believe the stickers are useful as they add an even more interesting detail to the jet. During this time, we believe we should mention the fact that there will be flick-fire missiles as well as stud shooters mounted on the jet in order to “weaponize” it …that’s where the fun really starts, right?


Once you have put everything together, we believe you are going to be just as impressed with the build as we were. The build, while holding it in our hands, feels pretty solid. It feels like something you could actually pick up and play with, without worrying about sections coming apart, like with some of the other sets.

The red and white color scheme deserves a compliment – we believe it goes well together. We did some research to see if it was faithful to the actual images of the Avenjet and yes, the Lego team did a great job.

As far as the overall design goes, we feel that it is fairly accurate to the cartoon depiction. Although, the Lego version here seems to give it a more narrow look in the body and there is no actual interior, other than the cockpit. Jumping back to the box art, we saw Iron Main perched on the ledge in the cargo hold (this isn’t really a hold as it doesn’t even have a floor), which does seem to be a bit silly.



We already mentioned Thanos, which is a pretty cool minifigure, but other than this one, there’s four other minifigures. First up, you have Captain America – he appears to have the same torso we saw in some of the previous Lego sets, but he does have a new head print as well as new gear. He even has a new breathing apparatus and a nice jetpack that has been decorated with the 1x1 star-printed tiles.

Then we have Iron Man. Iron Man just so happens to be sporting a new outfit – it’s gold and white space armour and we believe it really makes him stand out from the crowd. We just did some quick research and we believe this is the MK39 armour, but we’re not exactly sure because the images we came across seemed to have some form of triangular arc on the chest and the LEGO version here has a circular one.

The third minifigure is the Avenger and she is making her debut in Lego form Captain Marvel, also referred to as Carol Danver. We’re pleased to find a minifigure of her included in this set. Looking at her, she seems to be accurate to her comic book depiction.

The last minifigure would be villain Hyperion – they appeared in the Avengers Assemble cartoon as a corrupt alien superhero that was banished from his original home world. His gold and red outfit looks stunning with his arms. On his chest, we see an atom-like symbol in the color gold and he has printed boots, instead of plain red legs. His cape looks interesting with a unique shape.



If you’re a Marvel fan, we highly recommend this set – it really is worth every penny. The price you pay is about the same price as you would pay for a similar sized superhero set to be honest. Here, you have five minifigures and we’re pretty sure a lot of you will buy this set solely because of the minifigures that come with it as well as Thanos and those minifigures are almost worth the price tag on it, but we would also recommend this set because of the jet as well. Overall, we found this to be a really exciting build. Now, we’re probably going to move forward and build the Lego 60036 or the Lego 10246 set, which both look pretty cool.

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