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LEGO Super Heroes Batman Classic TV Series & Batcave 76052 Review


Lego 76052 Gives you a Glimpse of Batman’s Beloved Home


Every superhero needs their own headquarters, and with Batman, he’s got his own Batcave, located below Wayne Manor in Gotham City. Through the years, Lego has launched plenty of builds in relation to the iconic caped crusader and his trusty sidekick, Robin: Including a beautiful study located inside a section of the manor, a quick slide down the Batpole towards headquarters, and a hideout that showcases the newest brand of Bat-related technology.


But here’s a new build: The Lego 76052 is a brand new Batmobile that allows Batman and Robin to roam around Gotham, while trying to find high-profile criminals. The Batmobile is an open-top car with a beautiful black and red color scheme. Compared to other Batmobile Lego builds, the color scheme for this build might not be as subtle, but once you see it, with the classic Batman logo found on the side panels and its hub caps, you’ll be filled with assurance that Gotham City will be a safe place once more after the criminals have been caught.


The Batmobile’s got a highly practical look – There’s a Batphone connection with a direct line to Commissioner Gordon, a handy-dandy Bat-Turn Lever for emergency purposes, and lots of trunk space to fill in those spare Bat-ropes, Batarangs, and Batzooka. Perhaps the only missing detail here is a license plate.


The Lego 76052’s Batmobile slips out of the Batcave through a secret passage found inside the cave’s rocky terrain – A few miles away from Wayne Manor. This exit is most likely hidden using thick tree branches and shrubs. However, it seems like Mr. Bruce Wayne must’ve placed so much thought into making sure that his secret superhero headquarters is hidden, since the cave in this Lego build does not possess an actual exit door. Not present is the retractable section of the cave’s safety fence, as well as a sign that informs him that Gotham is merely fourteen miles away from his home.


The exit area found on top of the Batcave also serves as a landing pad for the Batcopter. The pad is decorated with a huge bat symbol, comprised when you place two stickers together. The Batcopter in itself comes in a bright red hue, and has a rather simplistic look to it, but then again, it comes in a bat theme by sporting bat wings and a printed canopy.

A look at the villain Lego minifigures series 15 tells you that this very build was based after the live-action Batman TV show from the 60s, starring Adam West as the titular character. There’s a Penguin minifigure, all clad in his dapper gentleman outfit and his signature top hat. There’s also Catwoman, who sports a different uniform than the one we’re familiar with nowadays. A third minifigure here is the Riddler, known for leaving clues behind after he has finished a crime. And of course, there’s the Joker – The classic Batman villain, with his pink suit and green hair.


Nobody can deny that these minfigures are as accurate as they come. Every single character, minus The Penguin, come with double-sided heads. We also enjoy the accuracy of the outfits, since they do resemble the ones found in the live-action TV series. There’s no excuse to mess up the designs of these minfigures, since there’s plenty of source material available. We heard that a Mr. Freeze minifigure will be available on the market soon.


Batman and Robin’s own minifigures aren’t recognizable when they’re not in costume – We figure that it’s quite tricky to represent a superhero’s secret identity for a minifigure. This has got to be one of the more disappointing aspects when it comes to this build. Although we do get an Alfred Pennyworth minifigure, there’s still a huge lack of protagonist figures, including Commissioner Gordon himself, Chief O’Hara, and even Batgirl. A small part of the build that represents the Commissioner’s office would have been a wonderful touch too.


Moving on towards the Batmobile – This is one of the main highlights of the whole build, as a play feature and for those who search for nostalgia in Lego builds. We think the Batmobile in this build is also a fair representation of the car shown on TV screens. It’s a two-seater, allowing both Batman and Robin to sit inside the vehicle comfortably. It’s also got that sleek shape that the Batmobile is known for. Lego has also included plenty of nice details within the build, including the opening trunk, the bat logo on its hubcaps, and the Batphone. However, there are a couple of missing features too, as we mentioned earlier.

Another thing that’s missing with the Batmobile are its opening doors, which are replaced by panel elements measuring 1 x 4. If you have seen the live-action TV series, the animated TV series or one of the Batman films, then you might have noticed that Batman and Robin actually leap out of the car instead of opening a door. Although this is true, we would’ve still preferred it if they added even just two doors in. The clear slopes that Lego uses for the Batmobile’s windshields are perhaps the best kind of solution if you want to complete the bubble shape. The vehicle only has two exhausts found on the rear – Instead of the usual three. The red may also look nice, but they’re still lacking if you take a look at the Batmobile’s front side.


The front side of the 76052’s box reveals the information about the set, as well as the fully-assembled Batcave. You can see the minfigures on the bottom left. What’s interesting about the box’s design is that they showcase the Batman logo from the 60s.


The back of the box does reveal a couple of the set details, and includes the famous comic-style effects found in the TV show.


A massive sticker sheet is included alongside the instruction manual.


Building the Wayne Manor portion is similar to how you would build a structure included in Lego’s Module Buildings line (to be specific, the Lego 70912 and lego 76023 builds). Tan struts are the ones that create support for the building. We’re not really sure what to think of this approach, since it makes the entire set feel empty. The yellow parts of the build is one of its major play features. A fireman pole is connected to the floor, which ties in the entire structure together.



Accessories that come with the manor include a desk, a bookshelf (which utilizes jumper plates as books), and a globe. The bookshelf, whose jumper plates measure 1 x 2, come with a handle that you can use as a sliding function. This bookshelf is mounted to the tower. The tan constructs are also attached to the sides of the tower, to flesh out the top part of the manor.


The Batpile is a build that tends to get slightly repetitive. You can construct the gray segments using the sand green rail, while the middle Batpile sides are made in the same way. This is repeated eight times, much like what happens in the LEGO 9516 and Lego 75093. We also build up the pile’s mirrored sides with a couple of tan-colored BURPs. Even though a lot of builders dislike BURPs, they provide a wonderful shift in pacing from the complex rock formations. We’re also not sure as to why Lego has decided to go for the tan axles and pins, instead of the usual black to connect all three segments together. One thing we also noticed was that there’s nothing that holds in the Wayne Manor and the helipad in the middle part.


You can place in lots of computer accessories inside the Batpile, according to the Lego Instructions. The last segment here is the helipad, which also serves as the entrance for the Batmobile. Once you’re done placing the stickers on the helipad (which is already a painstakingly tough task by itself), you may now drive the Batmobile right inside the helipad. But there’s a huge error with the helipad’s structure – According to some owners, the Batmobile doesn’t even fit inside the pad! In fact, the only thing it apparently does is bang and scrape itself against the pad’s base. We’re not too sure if it’s because the Batmobile hangs low, or if the base is slightly high – But this is quite sad.


We would also like to discuss the rock-based structures found on the side of the build. These are actually modular, in the sense that they are connected together using two pins. You’re going to have to take out that huge chunk on the right side, over to the left if you want to attach this portion to the Batpile. So much effort – And what’s worse is that the same has to be done for the Wayne Manor segment.


The largest issue that we have here when it comes to the Lego 76052’s general layout is that there’s not much space for the segments or a couple of the accessories. The laboratory, the machines, as well as other miscellaneous accessories are just sitting there, because of the build’s lack of baseplates. The outside portion of the Wayne Manor is the only thing that draws us in. And it does look slightly out of place next to the other Batcave elements.

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