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LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053 Review



The Lego 76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase was based after the highly-anticipated 2016 movie, Suicide Squad. So many fans are stoked at the fact that DC Comics’ most beloved villains battle it out on the big screen. Unfortunately, so many fans were disappointed that Lego failed to release any builds connected to the film since they chose to focus on the Batman vs. Superman builds instead (both films were released this year).


Lego, however, was kind enough to give off a small consolation in the form of the Lego 76053 Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase build. This is a tiny Lego build that features two of the lead characters from the David Ayer-directed film: Deadshot, and everyone’s favorite character, Harley Quinn! Despite the fact that this isn’t an official Suicide Squad set, fans were still enthusiastic about its release, since it marks the official debut of the Deadshot minifigure. The build contains over 224 pieces in total, with three minifigures. It was released in 2016, the same year as the Suicide Squad movie.


First, we have to mention that the set’s official name is a mouthful: Batman Gotham City Cycle Chase. The Batman logo at the front side of the build is a tad bit unnecessary since there’s no need for Lego to brand every Lego DC Comics build as a Batman build since nearly each Lego DC Comics set has a Batman-related element to it.


There’s also too much alliteration going on with the build’s name: This is the second time that a Lego build name contained too many Cs in it, the first one being the Catwoman Catcycle City Chase build from 2012.


Not a lot of stickers are included in the build, which is pretty much a good thing for some builders. The stickers are also rounded, making them very easy to apply. If you dislike these stickers, then you could end up skipping out on the official Batman logo stickers instead, which isn’t even important to the general build.


Just like with the other sets from the Lego DC Comics series, the main highlights of the build are always the minifigures that come with the Batman minifigure. The biggest draw of the Lego 76053 is the Deadshot minifigure. As mentioned earlier, this marks the very first time that the DC Comics sharpshooter appears as a Lego minifigure. The other highly-anticipated minifigure in this set is Harley Quinn’s minifigure. Batman’s minifigure is pretty much the same as it was before.


Floyd Lawton/Deadshot’s character has had a bit of a resurgence lately, thanks to his highly memorable appearance in both Suicide Squad (in which he is portrayed by Will Smith) and the TV series, Arrow (played by Michael Rowe). The former will definitely propel the antihero into mainstream culture. Meanwhile, his minifigure version does not disappoint – He comes in a rather striking color scheme that looks similar to his comic book counterpart.


Deadshot’s most defining feature has got to be his metallic face plating which comes with a red targeting device. We also like the red jumpsuit that he wears, as well as the tiny details printed right onto it – The crosshair symbol found on his torso is slightly campy in our opinion, but still very cool. We also like the fact that he wears yellow gloves.

Deadshot is equipped for some strange reason with a bazooka that’s two times bigger than his body. This is a rather odd choice, since we would much rather have preferred a sleek and elegant weapon such as a pistol or even a rifle. Deadshot’s bazooka looks so huge and clunky, and we’re not even sure how large it is compared to the minifigure itself. The bazooka also utilizes a rather transparent cheese slope as a targeting eyepiece.

Even though the bazooka looks a bit unwieldly and big for its size, it’s still got a clever design to it, and has employed a stud shooter in case you want to play with the minifigure for a little bit. The bazooka’s handle looks slightly weird, since it does stick out a little bit.

He is also equipped with a jetpack. We believe that this is actually a part of his costume in the comics, although we’re not really sure. The jetpack in itself looks pretty awesome, but when you pair it up with the bazooka, it seems as if there’s just too much going on with Deadshot’s minifigure.

If you take away all of Deadshot’s accessories, then his minifigure ends up looking much cleaner. He’s got printing on both arms as well, which showcases his wrist-mounted guns (a trademark of his character). He only has one look which is fine, since having two expressions won’t fit his angsty character well – Although it would have been great if Lego created another head so we can get an unmasked option. This is, however, a rather unrealistic form of luxury for a minor DC Comics character.

We’re going to be very honest here – Batman’s minifigure looks rather dull and is, surprisingly, the most unappealing minifigure in the entire set. For those who are into building or collecting Lego DC Comics builds, it’s pretty likely that you have already seen or owned this particular Batman minifigure, since it’s the same one found in the Lego 76034 The Batboat Harbor Pursuit, as well as the Lego 76026 Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas.

Even though this version isn’t too bad, we think Lego is pretty lazy for recycling that minifigure of his, especially since Batman is pretty much well-known for owning a billion different suits.

Apart from the current version of the Lego Batman minifigure, which includes the soft fabric cape, the chinless cowl and that annoyingly tanned face, we honestly cannot wait until Lego ends up creating a brand new Batman figure so they can forget about this one too.

Batman’s accessory here is a grappling-hook gun and a brand new silver Batarang. Aside from those two, he’s still the same old Batman minifigure, and we can’t really bring ourselves to feel excited over something that has been recycled again and again.


Thankfully the Harley Quinn minifigure is there to make up for Lego’s laziness over the Batman minifigure. In the Lego 76053, Harley’s body and hairpiece come in dual colors, perhaps a nod to Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character in Suicide Squad, as well as her new look in the DC New 52 comics. This version of her looks wonderful, especially since past iterations of Harley only came in red and black instead of red and blue. This minifigure is a must-have if you’re a fan of the character.

This iteration of Harley gets rid of her usual court jester outfit, instead opting for a more risqué look and vibe with a pants and corset combination. Her outfit is equipped with an ammo belt, as well as a harness. There’s a lovely dichotomy of red and blue hues throughout her entire outfit, right down to the gloves that she wears. Her hairstyle is composed of a beautiful red and blue ponytail, which initially made its debut on the Lego Series 14 Zombie Cheerleader minifigure.

Much like plenty of other minifigures in the series, Harley comes with an alternative face – The usual angry expression. The backprint is also present here, which is always a good thing. However, the main highlight of her minifigure’s backside has got to be those two-toned legs of hers. You can easily see how two leg pieces were joined together. Too bad she doesn’t carry any arm pins.

Sometimes people tend to find Batman’s array of vehicles a bit ridiculous – But the Batcycle looks pretty well-designed in this build, which is great. The cycle does remind us a bit of the Batpod, which contains plenty of armaments and huge wheels on the sides.


You can see the overall shape of the Batcycle when you take a look at the figure from its side. This isn’t exactly the most comfortable way to get around Gotham since Batman needs to hold onto those handlebars as he rides the cycle.

The simple yet elegant design of the Batcycle is the reason why so many people love it so much. You are immediately drawn to the huge front and back wheels of the vehicle, while the remainder of the body utilizes plenty of slopes. The only downside here is the gigantic orange spotlight, since it doesn’t fit in with the remainder of the build.

You can also find a Batlogo on each side of the Batcycle, which is placed right beside a couple of mudflaps. There are two guns placed right near the front wheel, but these are only for design purposes, which is a rather refreshing change, if you ask us.

At the back of the wheel, you can find two clips that would hold Batman’s Batarang as well as another clip to hold his grappling hook gun. But there’s a tiny little play feature that has been built in the Batcycle as well. The two stud shooters can swivel and rotate in a forwards direction for offensive capabilities.

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