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LEGO Super Heroes Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle 76046 Review



We have now reached the conclusion of our list of Batman vs. Superman-themed Lego reviews, and what better way to end this than by taking a look at its flagship set – Namely, The Lego 76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle build. This build is perhaps the biggest one out of all of the complete list of Batman vs. Superman experience, in which all of the main characters from the blockbuster film, Batman’s new Batwing, and a helicopter all make an appearance.


In regards to the film in which this set was based after – That would be 2016’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder – Seeing its results at the box office has been extremely polarizing for some, especially for those who happen to be huge fans of DC Comics and DC Films. We’re not really going to try to venture right into the debate on whether the film was good or not, but a lot of people have said that they did really like the film, and thought that the negative reception it received from critics was just completely unfair. The movie did have its own set of flaws, sure, but all in all, the film was fun and action-packed, and there are actually people out there who did end up enjoying it – Not just fans of the DC Cinematic Universe or DC Comics.


That aside, we now move on to our review of the Lego 76046. Much like most of Lego’s DC-themed builds, this one has a lengthy title too: The Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle build. We might also post spoilers here connected to the Batman vs. Superman film, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, you might want to avert your eyes.


The build contains over 517 pieces in total. Its average price is over $59.99, if you purchase it from the official Lego Website. There are five minifigures included here, and two instructional booklets.


The Sky High Battle build is just wonderful especially in regards to the minifigures alone – That’s because it contains nearly every major character included in the film, and four of them are exclusive to this set. This means that there’s absolutely no filler – No unnamed henchmen or goons. Instead, what you’ll get here are minifigures such as Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and Wonder Woman (who we feel is the biggest scene-stealer in the entire film)

The Batman and Superman versions included here are definitely much more superior as compared to their past iterations. The boots on their feet both add a bit to the overall experience of the build in general. Superman, in particular, wears his iconic blue suit with its electric blue lines that tend to highlight portions of his torso.

The Batman minifigure looks wonderful with his boots, since the black shades break up most of the grey parts of his body. His suit also dons some really spectacular armor definition, and are just highlighted by the light gray textures.

Just the thought of being able to purchase a set that has three of the core Justice League members in it (that would be Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) is just as great as seeing them on screen during the film. That scene in itself is just brilliant.


But before we head on over to Batman’s Batwing vehicle, we have to take a closer look at the Lexcorp Helicopter build first. There are plenty of reasons why this particular part of the build was a total disappointment for some – First of all, it’s very small, and can only seat one figure (probably the Lex Luthor minifigure that also comes with the set). The second reason here is because when you compare it to other Lego helicopter builds, the Lexcorp Helicopter doesn’t really have anything interesting in it – Perhaps with the exception of its dull, green color scheme. For those who have seen the movie, one of the more noticeable things about it was its dark and somber color scheme. This just makes the helicopter’s green tones look very out of place. The green is just garish and loud, in our opinion, and we can’t understand why it needs to have this color – Probably to balance out the Batwing, which mostly comes in grey and black hues. But unfortunately, this makes the helicopter stand out more, and with all of the wrong reasons.


Its green color just makes us think that the helicopter is probably made out of kryptonite, allowing it to stop Superman from crushing it into bits.


Flicking fire missiles from Lego vehicles aren’t really the most exciting thing out there – But at least they look just as amazing when taken from the helicopter. We also like how they look in general, which makes us think that they have been tipped in kryptonite – This doesn’t really correspond to what happens in the film, but it still looks great, and it feels like this is something that Lex Luthor himself would do as a last resort, just in case he wants to bring Superman down once and for all.

One more interesting thing about the helicopter build is its cockpit glass, which utilizes the windshield that long-time Lego fans first spotted in the Speed Champions build. And to add further insult to injury, the helicopter’s rotors can’t even turn that much. In fact, it’s quite sticky and can’t even do one complete revolution. What a disappointment!


The main highlight of the 76046 is the Batwing build. It’s definitely one of the most impressive Bat-vehicles we’ve ever seen thus far. The Batwing carries a triangle shape to it, and is constructed out of nothing but grey and black bricks.


In the film, Batman utilizes the Batwing so that he could go on a dangerous rescue mission and take down an entire army of bad guys while he’s at it. Once again, this is one of the film’s main highlights and we’re pretty happy that Lego has done an excellent job in minimizing the size of the Batwing into Lego-scale.

One of the best features about the Batwing itself is its shape. The triangular shape is very awesome, not to mention, unique. This is all credited to the build’s body section, which in turn is attached to two gigantic wings that converge together to create a V-shaped plane. Not only does the Batwing look sleek, it’s also menacing, stealthy, and futuristic. And this is just highlighted by the build’s monochromatic set of colors, which fits the build just nicely. This just brings in a complete dosage of grittiness and maturity to the build itself.


The Batwing brings in the similar type of customized molded cockpit that we first saw in the brand new Lego 76045 Batmobile and Kryptonite Interception builds, which is just as wonderful – That’s because there’s a sense of pure uniformity in regards to the set of Batvehicles found inside the film.

Much like the Batmobile, each portion of the Batwing’s cockpit is divided into two, which reveals that this particular area of the build is very cramped. In fact, poor Batman has to lie down on his back in order to maneuver his vehicle around.

Found inside the cockpit is a stickered console, which just serves to highlight Lexcorp Helicopter’s vehicle and learn about its weaker points.

The Batwing’s body gradually extends forward, with a tiny bit of it that tends to stick out and is responsible for holding the stuff that Batman uses to fight crime. First off is a stud blaster minigun, which has the ability to fire a whole valley of studs in quick succession. This is done by twisting the Technic gear located at the backside. This is a completely satisfying process and closely imitates the gatling gun found on the film’s Batwing. The vehicle’s nose isn’t attached to the wings either, which we thought was just awesome.

One of the few things we didn’t like about the 76046’s Batwing was the underside portion of the build, which looks a tad bit ugly thanks to the light gray plates that are scattered all across the vehicle itself. You can also find trans-blue stud elements below it, which serve as thrusters. Thank goodness you won’t have to look at the vehicle’s underside too much.

A quick look at the backside of the Batwing shows that the vehicle carries two main engines, as well as a lever taken from the Lego Technic builds. pressing down the lever will fold the wings inwards, through a nicely-built mechanism. This puts the vehicle into landing mode, and tucks the wings in.

The vehicle resembles one of those heavily-armored land vehicles that you would see in real life, especially with its wings folded in. These act as giant shields that protect the vehicle’s body, giving it a tank-like feel. Unfortunately, the 76046 Batwing has no wheels in it – We would’ve loved to see it roll on the ground while in landing mode.

As the largest build in the whole Batman vs. Superman series from Lego, the 76046 does not disappoint for the most part.

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