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LEGO Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash - 76031 Review



The 2015 film Avengers: The Age of Ultron was nothing short of a huge blockbuster. Directed by Joss Whedon, Age of Ultron is the sequel to 2012’s smash hit The Avengers, also directed by Whedon. Perhaps the most obvious reason why Age of Ultron was such a hit was because it puts together everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes into a huge battle against Ultron, the big bad of the film, along with his army of robots.


If you ask any person who has seen the film what their favorite film was, it was most probably the epic showdown between The Hulk and his fellow Avengers teammate, Iron Man, who is clad in his Hulk Buster suit. This is perhaps one of the more cinematic masterpieces in the film that includes plenty of action made especially for the fans. The film included tons of CGI effects, as well as stunning fight choreography.

The fight itself wasn’t really one of the key plots in the film, but it was just pure candy for the eyes, so we have to give Whedon props for that.


Lego has decided to cash in on the whole Age of Ultron hype by releasing the Lego 76031 Hulk Buster Smash build. Lego has decided to base this set after that epic brawl between The Hulk and Iron Man – And we can assure you that the scene itself is plenty of fun. This review will now tackle one of the standout builds coming from Lego’s set of Age of Ultron builds. And for those who haven’t seen the film, we have to warn you: There are some spoilers ahead. The set contains three minifigures, and a huge Hulk bigfig. It costs over $49.99 if you purchase it from the official Lego Website, or visit a Lego store near you.


Lego’s Mech-themed builds are always a joy to assemble, so The Hulk Buster Smash build is one of the more anticipated sets from the Age of Ultron set. The Hulk Buster Suit itself was taken after Marvel’s World War Hulk comics, in which Iron Man (aka Tony Stank) creates something that could battle the Incredible Hulk.


Since this particular build is so popular, the set itself has become a rare find – Especially in Lego stores and toy stores all over the country. You might find one on occasion, but it’s not as numerous as one might think, especially since the 76031 is a regular and non-retailer exclusive. As of this year, the set is unfortunately out of stock in the US. So if you spot one online or in a store, you have to get one immediately (if you have enough cash, that is).


We’re not exactly fond of posting instructions, but the 76031’s looks very lovely so we had to do it. First off, you’ll receive a giant and thick booklet as compared to the ones found in the other builds, in which the instructions are divided into two or three thinner booklets. Lego needs to release more instruction booklets in this format.


You might be relieved to know that the build only contains a small sticker sheet. The stickers are all meant to go to the enclosure in which Iron Man tries to place the Hulk in.


We will now be taking a close look at the minifigures in the set. There are three of them in total, with a Hulk bigfig. For a set that costs over $50, there are tons of things to be happy about, since you’ll get three of the main characters in the film: Namely Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and the villain, Ultron Prime. The latter two are an exclusive to this particular build, which basically means there’s one more reason for you to grab this set while you can do so – Especially if you’re a fan of Marvel Comics, Marvel Lego builds, or just The Avengers.

The first thing that you have to build with the 76031 is the tiny enclosure in which Iron Man attempts to capture and imprison the Hulk in, which is already a difficult task in itself. Iron Man deploys a metal cage which comes from a satellite found in the orbit, which would hopefully contain the Hulk inside this durable prison.


The Lego model that you get to construct with the 76031 is only a cheap imitation of what was an amazing movie sequence. However, it was still able to look similar to the enclosure found in the film. And if you remember from the films, Scarlet Witch was the main reason why Hulk ended up turning against his Avengers teammates in the first place.


We kind of wished that Lego has made the metal cage a tad bit bigger so that it could accommodate a bigfig like the Hulk. A couple more grey slopes, and probably a two or three flaps added in would’ve made the build look twice as interesting than whatever was given in the build itself.

Meanwhile, Tony’s Hulk Buster suit has got to be the main highlight of the set itself. It definitely delivers in spades. And as far as mechs were concerned, the Hulk Buster suit isn’t exactly the most comprehensive one out there, but that’s still okay since the build looks so good once it has been fully assembled.

We really enjoyed how Lego was able to capture the stocky and squat look of the suit. The Hulk Buster Suit looks pretty chunky enough to take on somebody as big as the Hulk. The suit’s pure articulation is just as great too. There’s so much fun to be had in regards of posing alongside the Hulk Buster Suit, and we’re happy to tell you that the suit itself does not contain any disappointing flimsy portions that are unfortunately common with plenty of other Lego mech builds. In fact, the suit could probably stand a couple of blows when you throw it on the floor, which is practically inevitable when there are little children around who are going to be playing with the build itself.

The build contains twin stud launchers, both located on the Hulk Buster’s right arm. This provides it with some added form of playability. The stud launchers, which have the ability to launch rounded blue bricks measuring 1 x 1, aren’t exactly the flimsiest component of the entire Hulk Buster Suit, since it’s got the tendency to pop itself right out of the launchers, with just the push of a button.

One of the best components of the suit itself is the printed dome helmet located in front. This particular artwork is a total beauty. Thankfully the people who designed the suit decided to just print the helmet’s design out in front, because it would probably look horrible if it was placed as a sticker instead.

The best part of the entire Hulk Buster Suit is where you flip open the helmet and you’ll discover a tiny little space for Iron Man to sit in – Much like what happens in the movie. Unlike other mecha builds, you can shape up the suit’s hands into fists, and it’ll still look just as great.

If you compare the Hulk Buster Suit to another Lego mecha build – Like the Ideas Exo Suit, for example, you will notice that despite it not being the largest mecha build that Lego has released so far, the Hulk Buster Suit still looks incredible, nonetheless.

There are also some really amazing details located at the back of the suit, including the back thrusters. this provides the Hulk Buster with loads of additional propulsions, in case Iron Man feels the need to smash this suit right into the Hulk’s body.

Perhaps one of the things that we didn’t like too much about the suit was the fact that there were a bunch of awkward technic axles that stick out from the suit’s hips. They look so random and out-of-place and a bunch of us even wondered if it was impossible for Lego to at least make them smaller or less visible, or just simply replace them with other parts.

You can have tons of fun with this set when you pit the Hulk Buster Suit against the Hulk bigfig – And the fact that the suit is completely poseable helps. There’s a whole list of never-ending possibilities in regards to creating various poses together with the Hulk bigfig.

We gotta admit, the size difference between the suit and the Hulk bigfig isn’t as accurate as the one shown in the film – But it’s probably just nitpicking on our part.

There’s just many things that you can like about The Lego 76031 build. Despite the fact that it’s a licensed set, we didn’t feel like the set was completely overpriced. For over fifty bucks, you’ll get a Hulk-sized value thanks to the bigfig, the minifigures, and the giant mecha suit.

Scarlet Witch and Ultron are also excellent exclusive figures – Both of them carry great designs and convincingly raise up the bar in regards to the overall design, and the minifigures.

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