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LEGO Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception 76045 Review



There’s just no stopping Lego from creating way too many Batman vs. Superman builds. After the first wave of builds released during the movie’s promotional period, Lego has released two more builds connected to the movie – The Lego 76044 Clash of the Heroes build, and the Lego 76045 Kryptonite Interception.


The Kryptonite Interception build comes in the form of a medium-sized set, and belongs to the second batch of Batman vs. Superman theme. Despite the theme that it belongs to, however, the 76045 solely focuses on Batman alone. This is slightly unusual for a Lego DC build, in our opinion. The main focus of the set is a classy Batmobile build, which everyone is really stoked about.


There are three minifigures included in the build, and 306 pieces in total. The set officially belongs to the Lego DC Superheroes – Batman vs. Superman series. It was released in 2016, to promote the release of the film.

Contrary to the Clash of the Heroes build, the minifigures have got to be the weakest portion of the entire build. The minifigures are comprised of Batman himself, as well as two unnamed henchmen working for Lexcorp. Honestly, this marks the very first time that we didn’t purchase the build because of the minifigures included.

The two henchmen can only be found in this set. Both of them come with identical torsos, and wear snazzy uniforms designed by the company. The two henchmen also sport dark green jackets, with zipper pockets on them. There’s also a Lexcorp nametag attached to the left side of their chest.

To set the two henchmen apart, they both wear changing pant and hair combinations. The first henchman wears brown pants with dark hair while the other one has black pants and brown hair. The second henchman has got to be the more competent one of the two, since he has been given a gigantic stud-blaster bazooka to handle.

The two henchmen also don double-sided heads and wear angry expressions on their faces. Their uniforms also carry black prints on them, also with the Lexcorp logo. You can also find some other apparel details on them, including the lining found on the bottom.

Honestly, we can’t be too excited about the Lexcorp henchmen – Because of the fact that they’re 1.) Wearing practically the same torsos and 2.) Nameless goons, so this makes them stand out even less. Henchman number one is probably the better one of the two thanks to that cool goatee that he sports. This gives him a bit more distinctive look and feel.


Next up is the Batman minifigure, who wears a rather different Batsuit as seen from his iteration in the Clash of the Heroes build, which had armor in it. The Batman figure that comes with the Lego 76045 looks a bit more similar to Bruce Wayne’s standard crimefighting look, bearing its familiar designs and colors. The huge Batlogo occupies a rather huge space on his chest. He also wears that iconic golden utility belt too.


The Batsuit also dons several dark grey flecks in its torso, which gives the minifigure a rather unique textured look to it. However, we were still disappointed when we learned that the same flecks don’t extend to Batman’s legs or arms.

Batman also wears some pretty cool boots, thanks to Lego’s brand new ability to create printed footwear on their minifigures. The final part of his outfit is the spongy fabric cape. He wears a silver batarang too.

The downside of the Batman figure comes once you remove his mask. This reveals the return of that ugly headband, and the tanned head. Lego practically did their fans dirty because this is basically the same recycled Batman head from those Lego DC builds released in 2015, namely the Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas and the Batboat Harbor Pursuit builds. This is a huge disappointment.


Lego DC Comics fans will be disappointed with the 76045 since plenty of them expected Lego to create a brand new Batman minifigure for the second wave of Batman vs. Superman builds – Sure there’s a new one in the Clash of Heroes build, but they’re practically being lazy with this one.

Meanwhile, Batman carries some lovely back prints which contain armor definition, as well as plating that is mostly hidden beneath his cape. You might be surprised to know that this particular iteration of Batman isn’t exclusive to the 76045. This is the exact same Batman minifigure from the Lego 76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle build.

It’s safe to say that the minifigures in this set were a complete letdown. We didn’t like the overly-tanned Batman face, and seeing it on top of a brand new body just feels very wrong.

When it comes to the Lexcorp henchmen, they seem pretty dull as well and only work as filler for the entire build. It would have been great if Lego included a Lois Lane minifigure instead, even though having her there doesn’t make too much thematic sense at all.


We now move on to the more interesting parts of the entire sets – The vehicles. The 76045 comes with a sticker sheet. There are also two dashboard and control panel stickers meant for the Batmobile, a Batlogo, along with two Lexcorp logos.


The first thing you have to assemble in the build is their Lexcorp forklift. So many of us were surprised since the whole build turned out to be so nice. The proportions are all correct, and it even carries a lovely color scheme to it. There’s a huge selection of forks as well, and all of them can be dragged down before placing them back to the original position due to the elastic band that holds them in position.


However, there are two flaws that come with the forklift. First of all, why does the forklift have to flick fire missiles? We think this thing is completely unnecessary. We’re also not fans of the tanned Lego Technic pins utilized in its back wheels. None of us are OCD about this, but it’s kind of weird that they come in a vastly different color to the grey ones located in front.

There’s also a pretty cool playable feature found in the Lexcorp forklift. When you press down onto a plate, you could end up dismantling the enclosure, which causes the evil henchmen to be ejected from their seats.

The forklift is made to transport pallets of Kryptonite. Accessories with the 76045 include three capsules that contain Kryptonite crystals. It’s nice how Lego managed to include a plant pot piece in black, in which you can place the crystals in comfortably.

The transparent domes that cover the crystals up look slightly weird though, since they don’t fit snugly onto the flower pods. So as a result, they’re just kind of resting there, and could probably tip over each time you transfer those crystals around. This was a tad bit annoying, if we were to be honest.

We did like the combination of a pallet and a forklift much more than we expected. This didn’t seem like some sort of afterthought at all, and contained some pretty awesome playable features. You could also throw in the fact that you can find forklifts in almost every city, so the one that Lexcorp uses seems highly versatile. You could make a couple of modifications to take the sticker out, and to increase the strength of the overall structure that fits nicely into a Lego City build.

The minifigures and the forklift just serve as appetizers for the main course – The brand new Batmobile. This is probably the reason why you ended up purchasing this build in the first place, and it did not disappoint one bit.


We like the design of the Batmobile itself. This combines the sleek, elongated shape of the standard Batmobile, along with a highly modern armored look of an armored tank. The build itself looks very armored, however, it’s still nimble enough to go on fast speeds. It is also filled to the brim with weaponry. Lego has done a rather brilliant job of replicating the overall design and shape of the Batmobile from the film, especially when it comes to the cockpit, since it’s the most interesting and prominent feature of the entire build.


One of the more noticeable things when taking a look at the Batmobile from the side is that there’s a rather subtle downward slope that goes from the front all the way to the backside. The scale is close to perfect – The size is almost believable as compared to the Batman minifigure.


At the front, the Batmobile carries a rather aggressive and fierce look to it, which is pretty much the vibe that a Batmobile should give out. There are two stud blasters found in front, as well as 1 x 1 studs that serve as ammunition. These all blend in nicely with the dark bricks, so they don’t stand out very easily. This is a great thing for those who dislike the chunkiness of the stud blasters.

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