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LEGO Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 Review



The Lego 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle is one of the three builds that belong in the Captain America: Civil War sets from Lego and Marvel. This build in particular contains plenty of the film’s most significant characters – And not only that, there are some mighty impressive models found in here as well. But we think only a few fans would argue that the (literally) biggest reason why this set is such a hit is because of the Giant Man figure. Giant Man is Lego’s very first large-scale figure, and it looks mighty impressive as well.


Having loads of high expectations before the release of a build could sometimes hinder its success. So we’re hoping that this one will be as impressive as we expected it to be – And judging from the box, it seems like it will be.


There are six minifigures included in the set, and two of them have already made appearances on a past build – Together with a nanofigure, and the Giant Man brick build. This figure is basically Iron Man clad in his Mark XLVI armor, and is only exclusive to the 76051. It looks stunning, and keeps the same amount of details that were present in the previous Iron Man minifigures.

The War Machine minifigure marks his second appearance in this build: He previously showed up in the Lego 76006 Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle. War Machine’s iteration in that build was mostly grey. Meanwhile, in the 76051, he wears an all-black suit which looks amazing on him. The red highlights found in his suit wonderfully contrast with the black hues, and the entire color scheme in general is just consistent – Especially in his legs, helmet, and torso. The details on his body are all printed in a wonderful amount of detail.

Captain America’s minifigure hasn’t gotten any updates since 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron builds. This is slightly ironic, since his uniform has gone through several revisions for Civil War. But this is just a satisfactory compromise since there’s not a lot of changes going on in his suit. The figure itself looks great too – There’s a rather impressive amount of detail printed on his legs, head, and torso, like War Machine’s figure.

We have only seen the Winter Soldier’s minifigure once – Specifically, in the Lego 5002943 polybag, in which his minifigure is included. This edition of his character is much different from that, since the printing has gone through changes as well, and his legs don’t have printing on them anymore – A total shame, if you ask us. But the torso is amazing when seen on the front side and the back. His metal arm has also been given an update.

This also marks the second time that Scarlet Witch has made her appearance in a Lego build, the first one being in the Lego 76031 Hulk Buster Smash build. However, her iteration there wasn’t really that great – But the one found here was an excellent improvement. That’s because she wears a much more accurate hairpiece, trans-pink dishes, and a new fabric skirt, which are supposed to represent her telekinetic powers. She’s also got a new torso, printed with a dark red jacket on both the front and back side.

The last minifigure on the list is Agent 13. She’s got a simple look to her, but her hair is practically the same as the one seen in the film. We also like her torso design as well. The torso that she wears here might actually be appropriate for a better version of a Black Widow minifigure in the 76050 Crossbones’ Hazard Heist, since the blue piping located on the official figure isn’t that accurate as compared to her film counterpart.

Ant-man has first showed up as a minifigure in the Lego 76039 Ant-Man Final Battle build. Meanwhile, this nanofigure version of him looks just as great, despite how small it is. The prints are amazingly detailed on the front side of the figure. Meanwhile, his backside is completely blank. We’re hoping that Lego continues to make several more of these nanofigures since the designs just keep on getting better and better.

The main centerpiece of this set is Giant Man, and his figure doesn’t disappoint at all. The people behind this build have managed to design authentic details in this huge figure, along with some features normally found in the average Lego minifigure. The model just looks amazing, despite carrying a simple look. The torso and legs are both built with studs that face downwards. Both of them are covered up with tiles that give the figure a smooth surface.


A lot of Lego fans have said that when it comes to superhero-themed builds (like DC and Marvel), there tends to be more focus on the minifigures themselves, so the builds look a bit sloppy and are considered the weak point. So when it came to the 76051, we had pretty low expectations – But we’re happy to say that the end results were a huge surprise for us.


The tiniest model in the entire build is the baggage cart. It’s also the least interesting out of all of them – Even though it does serve its purpose. The construction is mighty simple, but the cart itself does look very realistic, since there’s enough space to put in one minifigure. The figure can control the vehicle around, and find an area to put in the three suitcase accessories. These suitcases have all been decorated with stickers, and each one of them carries a different design.


There are also two direction batons found at the backside of the baggage cart, alongside a small hidden compartment beneath the rear flatbed truck. You can use this to keep in more suitcases, or even place the Ant-Man nanofigure inside. You can also use this to simulate an explosion, since the luggage accessories will fly into the air after you slam down on the lever.


Airports have always been one of the more commonly-recurring themes in regards to Lego builds. The very first Lego airport build came some time in 1970, and each one of them had their own control tower. The ones in the 76051 aren’t any different, but this build’s very own control tower looks so much better than the rest, since it looks pretty impressive when seen from the outside, while also being filled with tons of play features on the inside. The tower’s base is connected to a pallet filled with stacked boxes, which are also decorated with loads of stickers. The stickers all make references to AIM, Hammer Industries, and Stark Industries, the three companies found in the Iron Man film trilogy.

At the right side of the crates is a fence. You can change up its shape, so you can choose how you want the model to be shown. At the back of the fence is the door that leads to the control tower. This comes with a sticker of a warning that says ‘authorized minifigures only’, which is a very funny addition by the build’s creators.


There’s a loading room located on the ground floor – But this seemingly ordinary space does hide a little secret. You can push in the Ant-Man nanofigure through the tiny archway, which knocks over the stack of boxes placed outside. We haven’t seen a play feature as clever as this one, but it works just as nicely. We’re hoping that we’ll get to see the same kind of playability features found in others as well.


The secondary level of the build contains a computer and a bunch of empty cabinets, together with another playable function in the build. Whenever you push down the lever outside of the tower, the front wall will break down into two parts. This is also a very authentic touch – The wall is built so it will split with two jagged edges.

The control room located on top of the tower has three angled windows, which give off the best kind of visibility for minifigures that sit on that swivel chair. There are also two monitors in here, together with a printed control panel. On top of those is a rotating radar bar, together with communications equipment that are meant to finish the entire tower nicely.


The last model is the Quinjet. It is the third build included in the set, and the second iteration of the Quinjet after the Lego 76032 Avengers Quinjet City Chase build. This version is a tad bit smaller as compared to past designs, which could put off potential buyers – Even though this was already inevitable, given that only a third of the 807 pieces are only used for this portion of the build.


Lego Super Heroes, which includes the Lego 76051, normally give off a huge kind of play value in regards to the minifigures alone – But this one is just purely extraordinary. Not only does the set include loads of characters with a whole set of different scales and powers, but the models also contribute to the playability itself and are a vast improvement over the other Super Heroes builds.

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