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LEGO Superheroes 76023 The Tumbler


Lego DC Super Heroes Tumbler 76023 was released a couple of years ago, honoring “The Dark Knight,” which hit theaters back in 2008. Wow, has it really been that long? Being a major Batman fan and having a love for Legos, we couldn’t help but to get this set right here – just like we got the Lego Spiderman when it was first introduced. Regardless of who you are, if you’re a fan of Batman and you enjoy putting Legos together, then you’re going to enjoy this set right here. Whether you’re a novice, an experienced, or a master builder, it will take you at least three hours to put this together.

The box is eye-catching, especially if you are a DC Comics fan!

lego 76023 box

On the back of the box, you’ll see a display of the Tumbler in the safe house we watched in The Dark Knight. Some of the details have been highlighted on the box – at the bottom, you can see the blueprints of the set, which are pretty neat. The highlighted parts you see on the blueprints are of the gold pieces that are in the set. We’re not really sure why they felt it necessary to highlight those parts, but that is perfectly fine with us.

In the image below, you’ll see the finished display stand where you will be putting Batman and Joker. It has a nice info panel.

lego 76023 batman

Box Contents:

The box measures 12 x 47 x 58cm, so it is fairly large. The box includes
•    4 x Tyre 94.3 x 38mm
•    18 x numbered bags of parts – you have #1 to #11, with some having multiple bags
•    1 x 8x16 Tile
•    A total of 5 instruction booklets that are cardboard-backed
•    2 Sticker Sheets

As you see, there are 5 instructions booklets included in this set. The instruction books are straightforward and fairly easy to understand. We personally did not have a problem when it came to the manuals.

Here’s a picture of the five instruction booklets:

lego 76023 instructions

This is going to sound funny, but we actually took the time to count the parts – there’s a total of 1867 parts and 1204 of those parts are black. All but 663 of those parts are black …

While the set is made of mostly black parts, you’re probably thinking it’ll be hard to distinguish between them. However, the instructions do a decent job with helping distinguish between the parts as they use heavy white boarders. However, I did manage to miss adding a cheese slope, but that is only a user error and isn’t exactly a big deal. As far as the construction goes, we didn’t have any actual issues that are worth complaining about.

The last vehicle we put together was the Lego racer – seriously, that is nothing like this mobile right here.

There’s 11 numbered bags, which we personally found to be a big help when it came to putting the Legos together. One thing we have learned with hobbies like this would be the fact that you have got to stay together …so yes, these numbered bags were necessary.

lego 76023 bag

In the bags, as you see in the picture above, there’s a good combination of basic pieces for both the external and the internal details. There’s also Technic pieces, which are used for a strong axle and chassis system. Personally, we don’t care too much for the stickers, but this set has a set that are easy to apply and it actually completes the detail.

lego 76023 pieces

First Sticker Sheet

The first sticker sheet we pulled out of the box consists of info screens that will be going in the cockpit of the vehicle. Our personal favorite would be the intimidate one. The stickers don’t have a black backdrop, instead they were printer on clear backing, which was a good idea.

The Second Sticker Sheet

The second sticker sheet we pulled out of the box is the big info panel – this will be placed on the minifigure display stand.

The Lego 60052 set had some pretty cool stickers that were fun to put together, but they still don’t beat this set here.

lego 76023 sticker

The Minifigs

The minifigs are definitely not the guys we want to leave out of the review – they’re worth mentioning. You have a total of two – The Joker and Batman. The actual Tumbler itself is much bigger than minifig scale, so when you place them inside the car, they look quite silly to say the least. In fact, if you’re like us, you’re probably going to end up putting them in the car and having a hard time getting them out.

The Joker, my favorite, it new to this set and has that whole Heath Ledger, scary look going on. Both Batman and Joker have two faces – Batman’s faces are similar, with just a little smirk telling them apart.

Here’s a picture of The Joker:

lego 76023 minifigure

Here’s a picture of The Batman without the smirk on his face:

lego 76023 figures

As you see, Batman’s face really doesn’t change that much, but even though it is a slight smirk, it still give it a different feeling.

New Parts

There are several new parts that are new this year that have been used with this set. You have the pin with pinhole connector, the 3 x 11 panel (in black), and the steering portal, which is new in pearl gold.

The Build

When you first start putting this set together, you’re going to be starting out with a sturdy base structure, like the Lego 42042  set – this structure is needed in order to support the weight.

From the sturdy base structure, you’ll move forward by building up the inside, which consists of two seats and a variety of fancy control panels. During this stage, we can already start to see some exciting Technic beings that help with the unique shaping. During this time, you’ll also be building the rear axle mount, which should be fun.

In the third step, you’ll have most of the rear constructed and you’ll start to build up the side of the set. During this time, the build will start to get a bit on the repetitive side, because you’ll be building something from one side, then you’ll move to the next side and do the same thing. After we got to the third set of the instructions, we decided to start building both sides at the same time, which is a good idea.

When it comes to the intake and cover, the mirror-building can be a bit on the tedious side to build, but it’s interesting seeing how Lego manages to build some of these crazy angles.

Once you have the rear exhaust put together, if you’re like us, you’re going to feel a nice sense of accomplishment.

The inside is built with a lot of gizmos – keyboards, screens of data that swivel, and of course, they couldn’t leave out that nice “go fast” red button. Inside of this set, there is just so much going on, but hey, we’re not going to complain about that, now are we? You will even have a little window to look out of. Personally looking at the mechanics inside the car, we just can’t figure out how Batman manages to drive this thing around town.

As for the stickers, the majority of them are used on the inside.

With this picture, you can probably see why such a sturdy base is needed – it looks pretty heavy:

lego 76023

Once you’re done with the interior, you’ll need to move forward and work on the back and sides. This isn’t all that complicated, because it’s basically just a lot of thin bricks and slopes with mounting brackets being used for the side panels (you’ll be adding those in later).

Here’s a look at the back:


LEGO Superheroes 76023 The Tumbler

Doesn’t look that complicated to put together, now does it?

Here’s a look at the side:

lego 76023 review

As you see from the two pictures above, putting the back and side together will be pretty straightforward. If you have never put together a Lego set like this before, and are just a beginner, you may have a problem, but as an expert, we were able to slap it together pretty quick.

Moving forward, you will need to put the wheels on. Unfortunately, this car doesn’t have any real suspension, it only has fake springs on the back. It would have been cool if we got a real suspension system with this! Due to the fact that the car is big and the axles are flexible, the car does bounce a little. However, we wouldn’t recommend pushing them too far. Oh and also, this doesn’t have any steering, which is a bummer.

Here’s a look at the back wheels:

LEGO Superheroes 76023 review


lego 76023 price

Apart from the wheel placement, we couldn’t help but to notice the paneling in the front section just didn’t add up. On the rest of the car, however, the paneling is spot on, so this was a bit on the confusing side. From the rear flaps, to the rear quarter panels, to the roof, it all look amazing.

You’ll probably notice the windshield when you’re putting this bad boy together – seriously, how could you not notice the windshield? It looks cool, but we can personally tell that the designer didn't put a whole lot of time into it. There’s angled panels that surround the lower portion of the windshield and to us, they look out of place with the slopes. If there were another layer of plates and some tiles behind those cheese slopes, there would have been a major improvement in terms of appearance. Instead, when you look at the cheese slopes, it’s hard not to notice the ridges that run along the leading edge that isn’t there on the actual Tumbler.

LEGO Superheroes 76023 price

Those panels there should attach to the fender in one piece, but we feel that the fender is poorly designed because there is no visual connection between the two pieces. Instead, the fender is using a large amount of Droid Fighter elements and yeah, these do work on the bottom, and at the very front, but beyond that, is just seems weird because the elements start to lose their functionality and has no resemblance to the vehicle.Looking at it, yeah, some of the proper angles may be there when it comes to the underlying plate work, but it just feels as if the designer had a deadline they had to meet or something along those lines. Mind you, this problem doesn’t change our mind on the Tumbler – we still think it is pretty cool and fun to put together.

In this picture, you can kind of see the side that we are talking about:

lego 76023 ebay

When using the Vulture Droid elements, the designer has less work to do, because it takes up more space. We don’t feel that they’re needed for stability or structure, either, because like most of the other angular panels you use when you’re putting the Tumbler together, you just use them to attach the main frame, without them offering any additional support. Like we said though, when it comes to the rear paneling that is really good, which is why we just cannot get over why the front half doesn’t seem to have much attention.

We couldn’t help but to notice all of the pearl gold elements in this set. They seem to be everywhere and they represent the different pistons that are found on the actual vehicle. The pistons anchor at a single point. To be fair, we don’t see how they could have been anchored down without the look being ruined. On the top flaps is where you’ll find most of these single point connections – try not to touch them too much, because they are quite delicate. Just by brushing up against them, you could easily knock a flap out of place – don’t even look at it wrong! If you plan on leaving it there and never touching it again, this shouldn’t really be all that big of a problem.

LEGO Superheroes 76023 ebay

It doesn’t steer, which is okay because we wouldn’t expect it to be – when it comes to large scale models, they don’t really have this option. Take the Volkswagen Camper Van as an example – that one didn’t steer either, neither did the Lego 31052 set. However, the Tumbler is packed full of Technic elements, so we were kind of expecting to have a fun steering system.

As we said earlier, we don’t really care too much about the stickers, but these actually made me start liking them. The Tumbler made us realize that stickers are used just like any other piece …but for some of the other sets, we’re back to not liking them again.
Now, moving back to the build, the two triangular roof plates make the Tumbler look pretty cool, but be careful because they can be lifted off without much force.

lego 76023 amazon

Have a look at the front of the Tumbler – isn’t it a sight to see? Personally, we feel that is captures the look perfectly and those special front wheels really helps to bring it to life.

LEGO Superheroes 76023 amazon
Looking at the Tumbler model, the sides resemble the real thing. If we had to make any changes, we would make new tires for the back. Yes, the ones that are on it right now look pretty good, but if you have ever looked at the actual Tumbler, you’ll notice that the tire portion is quite large, with a smaller rim. The tires here that are used by Lego on this set have rims that are way too large. Maybe this is because Batman had a change of heart and took the Tumbler to an episode of “Pimp My Ride?”

lego 76023


In our opinion, this is a decent set,  much like the Lego 42039, it was fun to put together. Once you have it all put together, you’ll want to use it as a display piece, especially if you like Batman. It does a great job at capturing some of the neat shapes and angles of the actual on-screen vehicle. It can roll forward and backward, which is pretty neat, and you can also remove the roof panels so that you can see the inside. It is also pretty sturdy, but the rear wing panels don’t have the most secure connection. If you enjoy this work, then you should have a look at the Lego Iron Man Set or the Lego Hulk Set! If you’re looking for something more complicated, then go for the lego 60047 set.

We’re going to leave you with additional picture you can look through …

LEGO Superheroes 76023
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