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LEGO Superheroes Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas 76026 Review



Lego 76026, officially known as the Gorilla Grodd goes bananas set, is hands down of one of the funniest set names that Lego has ever built. Never before has an entire set’s name captured the purest essence of a set so nicely. It also carries some really amazing wordplay, if you look carefully at the set’s name, there’s also some really clever wordplay going on here. The 76026 has got to be the second biggest build associated with the Lego Justice League theme, released in 2015 (the biggest one being the Black Manta Deep Sea Attack for pricing), and incorporates yet another popular DC villain – In this case, the super-smart gorilla known as Grodd.


This review tells you whether purchasing this build is worth going bananas for. There are 346 pieces in total, and costs $79.99. There are five minifigures included in the set.

Upon first learning which minifigures are included in this particular build, you will instantly know that the set is definitely off to a really great start. Contrary to the Black Mamba set (which carries the same pricing), which included a whole bunch of the same, repetitive characters (one of them being a recycled Aquaman minifigure), Lego has truly made some changes in regards to this build.


The more important and popular DC Comics characters – Namely Batman, The Flash, and a brand new Wonder Woman minifigure, are all set to go up against two villains. Not just Gorilla Grodd, but also Captain Cold – Both of which appear in The Flash comics. Grodd, in particular, comes as a bigfig instead of the standard minifigure. Also included here is a Banana Merchant minifigure, who seems to be just an innocent bystander who gets assaulted by the hungry ape.


Batman and The Flash, esteemed members of the Justice League, are always a fantastic addition to any Lego superhero collection. However, both of them aren’t exactly new – In particular, The Flash is a carbon copy of his minifigure that was included in the Lego Riddler Chase build. He also wears the same getup as his iteration from the Black Manta Deep Sea Strike build.


One of the things we like about The Flash’s minifigure is the design, so we really didn’t mind seeing another identical copy of his previous iteration. In fact, we could probably give the 76026 minifigure shorter legs and turn him into Kid Flash instead, so this is just fantastic in general. The prints located on The Flash’s torso is also crisp and wonderful, without any noticeable fading or discoloration.


Batman, who wears his New 52 outfit looks just as excellent. He’s also got twice the amount of printing found on his torso, and more detail on a minifigure is always better. Since this is a DC Comics set, trying to purchase a build without Batman in it is like trying to avoid nosy salesmen who follow you around when you visit your favorite store – It’s practically close to impossible.

If you remove Batman’s mask, you will notice something quite strange and hilarious – Bruce Wayne’s face is tanner as compared to the rest of his body. We’re not really sure why his face in particular looks a tad bit orangey and weird compared to the beige skin tone found in his other counterparts. Maybe Bruce just likes to hit the tanning bed in his spare time. The color of his face is a bit disconcerting, if we were to be honest. And it looks twice as ridiculous when you pair this up with a headband.


The Flash isn’t spared from this problem either – Both of Barry Allen’s faces still suffer from the same problems as his previous version did. His face has a rather obvious pinkish tinge to it, also giving the minifigure a weird look.


Wonder Woman’s minifigure is the main highlight out of the five minifigures in the Lego 76026. We really do like her New 52 outfit because it’s contemporary, not to mention, very stylish. Her outfit has a silver color scheme that is greatly influenced from ancient armor from the medieval times. This gives her a highly convincing Amazonian Warrior Princess look, that perfectly suits the 21st century.

We’re actually thankful that DC got rid of Wonder Woman’s tiara and golden armor, because in our opinion, silver looks so much better when paired up with red and dark blue, instead of gold. Perhaps the only weird thing about her minifigure is the fact that she wears pants instead of a skirt. This whole outfit, however, makes plenty of sense if she plans to head on out to battle – And as a minifigure, it looks so much better than seeing her exposed legs.


We do think that there are plenty of fans out there that won’t like the fact that she wears pants. However, we quite like this look since this makes us take Wonder Woman’s character more seriously. Plus it’s always so refreshing whenever a female comic book character isn’t seen as an object.

Her figure also has its own back printing – In this case, the flesh-toned printing looks a tad bit off as compared to the coloration on her arms. But this is only a very small flaw as compared to The Flash and Batman’s figures. Wonder Woman carries a dual-sided face, with one of them sporting an angry expression, just in case she needs to kick some butt and capture criminals with the aid of her lasso of truth. Unfortunately for this set, the lasso of truth isn’t included as an accessory.

You will know if Wonder Woman is all set for battle once she brandishes her giant broadsword. Her minifigure serves as a wonderful treat for fans of DC Lego, Lego, and DC Comics in general. This has got to be our favorite Justice League minifigure thus far.


And now we move on to the bad guys: As mentioned earlier, there’s two of them. The first one is the titular Gorilla Grodd, and Captain Cold, who wears a nice and fluffy parka. Both of them are archrivals to The Flash, and have gained so much popularity amongst fans of the comic books as well as the TV series. Grodd is the main focus of the set in general, and is also known to be one of the most original DC Comics supervillains, since he’s pretty much the ape version of Professor Charles Xavier (from Marvel’s X-Men comics).

Apart from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, The Flash is also one of the most popular members of the Justice League. He’s currently starring in his own TV series, with actor Grant Gustin playing the main character. Fans of the show will know that Grodd and Captain Cold make frequent appearances in it all the time (Captain Cold is played by Wentworth Miller, of Prison Break fame), so we’re really delighted that these two now get their own Lego minifigures.

Captain Cold, known by his alter-ego Leonard Snart, is the head honcho of the Rogues. He is one of the most favorite villains in both the comics and the TV show. Contrary to most supervillains, Captain Cold doesn’t have his own set of superpowers. Instead, he completely depends on his cold guns, both of which spew out icy beams and rays to literally freeze his rivals in their tracks.

Lego truly captured Captain Cold’s look, so we have to give them props for that. Beginning from his amazing and iconic square visor, right down to his powder-blue coat and the suit underneath it. Captain Cold’s comic book counterpart also stays loyal in his plastic Lego form.

The backside printing, as well as a face that sports two expressions, is truly present in the minifigure itself. The printing on his body looks mighty sharp as well, and carries just the perfect amount of detaining. While it’s no certain that Captain Cold himself is bound to win any awards for being the most stylish villain, he will definitely win your heart with his icy-cold vibe.

Grodd’s bigfig is truly one of the great things about this build in general. The bigfig has been used to its advantage – He carries an angry expression on his face, has creepy red eyes, and is wearing some sort of mind-control device on his head. In this build, he looks more like your average giant gorilla, discarding his usual garb of a regal crown. Grodd is one big bad ape, and looks amazing despite his limited articulation.

The Lego 76026 does have a distinct sense of fun that hasn’t been present in most of Lego’s past comic-themed builds. it’s quite easy to spot the set’s group of popular minifigure characters, and Grodd is definitely one of the standout characters of this set. However, there’s still an inherent tongue-in-cheek element that makes this particular build stand out from the rest.

The minifigures in the set are all excellent – And there’s not one that feels out of place or recycled, despite the fact that both Batman and The Flash have already shown up in other previous sets.

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