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LEGO Technic 24 Hours Race Car Lego 42039


Lego Cars have always enticed kids and if your boy is one of them, a racing car (Lego racer) is the best present for him. Try out the latest Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car 42039 - Lego 42039. All the product features and highlights are discussed below. We will give you the review for this Lego racer as best as possible. We will go from the sealed box to open box, building set, complete set...

The main box

This image bellow show the main box with the Lego 42039 instruction bisde it. It had two pictures show the complete buiding set for LEGO Technic 24 Hours Race Car 42039. The two pictures for two views. The big one view is for the car in race, it also show many brick like led lights, one big tire (this tire such as Lego 42056 set), the small view is Lego 42039 size, as you can see, the size is 48cm  x 21 cm (length x width)

lego 42039 box


The back of the box

In the image of the back, we saw 3 sections. One top section showing us how to setup tire, how the gull wing doors open, The engine cowling is made and attached to the rear... The second section (in left of the box) show 2 in one complete set, Lego 42039 normally is a Lego racer , but it also can build as lego truck. The third section is showing conect between Lego 42039 and lego 8329 so it will be motorized fuctions.

lego 42039 box


Lego 42039 instruction

The instructions are in one 256 manual pages. The main image in the front look like the front of the box, it show the Lego racer here.

lego 42039 instruction

The Lego 42039 is allover a great looking car. The muscular Green color added to the black-white vying decals unleashes the complete sporty outlook. The powerful and detailed V8 engine brings out high performance through moving pistons. The engine cover and opening hood adds a realistic look to the car. The racing car also sports independent suspension and opening gull-wing doors. The front steering and high fenders adds to the impressive details on the beast. Step on the accelerator and set let loose the monster on the racing circuit!

Number of Pieces

There are 1.219 pieces in thirteen bags are supplied in the densily packed box. Some sorting is required before tackling construction.

lego 42039 bag


There are four tires without bag in the box

lego 42039 tire



In the page 64 and 65 of the Lego 42039 instruction are easy to follow. Extending the chassis forward leads to the image below, in which the front spoiler has already been visible.

lego 42039 building


What's also visible may be the V8 engine placed right while watching rear axle, producing a Mid-engine setup, perfectly suited to sports and cars. Two exhaust pipes happen to be fitted on each side from the engine, along with two hoses attaching these to the engine.

LEGO Technic 42039 building

The front of the set

While using new mudguards as well as other panels a person finishes the leading from the vehicle. The leading is most likely probably the most questionable area of the vehicle. This is because the preliminary pictures proven prior to the discharge of this vehicle. In later pictures the leading from the vehicle had smooth curves and delightful lines, as the final vehicle lost these smooth lines and also got a far more blocky try looking in return. I have to admit that in a first glance, the brand new design lost a number of it's appeal. However, this model increased on me pretty quickly. The front lights design are available, in pretty much exactly the same way, on several real Le Mans type cars.

lego 42039


We really like this picture from the front from the vehicle. However, we actually do question if your dedicated round-the-clock Le Mans Racer has got the seat and steering positioned off-center?! While using good ol' Google Machine we arrived at the final outcome they will have centered seating and steering, a minimum of most of them. There's ample space within the cabin, making me question why TLG made the decision to put the seat off-centered.

lego 42039 review


lego Technic 42039 review


The trunk from the vehicle looks great, using the stickers ongoing in the mudguards towards the panels beneath the spoiler. The 2 exhausts protruding give some details towards the back. We absolutely disagree with the negativity surrounding this vehicle. It can be certainly one of individuals models which must grow for you.

lego 42039 rear

The rear view looks awesome too, with a few of the suspension showing and also the two exhaust pipes clearly visible.

lego 42039 rear


A view ot the bottom shows practically all from the gearing.

The underside view is extremely helpful to look for the size the vehicle in studs. Its dimensions are approximately 59 x 27 studs. The chassis looks organized and smartly designed. The engine continues to be placed near to the ground, which is ideal for the load distribution. A minimal center of gravity increases the handling from the vehicle.

lego 42039 price


lego Technic 42039 price


Opening the hood: really reveals the whole rear portion of the vehicle, supplying you with easy accessibility motor compartment. The mechanism to spread out the hood works correctly, which leads to smooth frequent lowering and raising from it. You have to the gullwing style doorways. Both functions are operated by hand and you have to switch using the lever left from the cockpit. Both of these functions are the ones which may be motorized by putting an M-motor close to the cockpit along with a battery box within the truck.

LEGO Technic 42039


lego 42039


Product Features: LEGO Technic 24 Hours Race Car 42039

The Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car 4209 is a super-fast racing toy. The built quality is superb. The car is robust and powerful. The Lego Technic replica sports all the features of the real-life racing car. The minute details on the model and the vibrant green color makes it hard to distinguish from the original one. It is powered by the enormous V8 engine. The throttle of the moving engines reflects the power under the hood.

The engine hood protects the pistons and the engine. The opening front trunk and the steering, high fenders enhances the overall look of the Lego Technic Race Car. The prototype sports independent all-round suspensions for a smooth bump-free ride. The mechanized gull-wing doors and perky LED headlights makes the car a total standout from the rest of the Lego Technic cars. This race car is a 2-in-1 unit that can be transformed into a SUV racer as well. If you are bored with one, this feature is bonus for you. You can also upgrade your Lego Technic 24 Hours Race Car 4209 with the 8293 Power Functions motor set, but the problem is you have to buy it separately. All in all, the car sports some amazing features that make it worth buying. Set some new records on the track with this lightning-fast sport car.

Compeleted building

All images bellow showing completed building for Lego 42039. We guest some of you guys don't really like the look of the lego cars, but it is really pretty Lego racer set. The colour plan is outstanding. The brand new (for Technic) vibrant eco-friendly parts, coupled with white-colored and black get this to vehicle look very vibrant and colorful. we are not a large fan from the eco-friendly utilized in the 42008 - Service Truck, however er do such as this vibrant eco-friendly a great deal. They fit perfectly well using the Mindstorms EV3 set.

lego 42039

The curves along the side of the vehicle aren't as smooth as some people wished, however i still think the vehicle looks greater than acceptable in the side. The stickers then add nice details towards the vehicle, passing on that characteristic race vehicle look. The model looks great in pictures, however it does even look better in tangible existence.



LEGO Technic race car 42039


Here are the lastest two images show complete building set

lego 42039

lego 42039

Final Thoughts

If your kid loves cars, it is a must you try out the LEGO Technic 24 Hours Race Car 42039. This fantastic racing car is worth buying from Amazon, plus it comes with free shipping. If building and construction is in your DNA, unleash your thirst with the Lego 42042 Technic Crawler Crane or the Lego 42030 Technic Remote Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel Load. If Superheroes are your type, try our best selling unit, the Lego Iron Man from Marvel Super Heroes, Hulk, or the Spider man.

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