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LEGO Technic 42024 Container Truck Review



While looking at Lego news the other day, we were taken back to various Lego sets, like the Lego 42024. We don’t know about you, but we’re the type of person that absolutely loves putting Legos together – you see, playing with Legos isn’t just for children. Yes, children do love putting Legos together as well, but for adults, it transforms into a full-fledged hobby. For us, after we put the Lego sets together, we enjoy writing reviews to let everyone know how the build process was – we have written so many different reviews on Lego city sets and even Lego Star Wars sets.

Let’s cut to the chase and move forward to the Lego 42024 set to see if it’s something you may be interested in putting together yourself.

Before we start, while we were putting this Container Truck together, we realized that it was pretty much a perfect Technic set. In fact, we believe it could be one of the best Technic sets on the block.

As you may know, Technic sets com in a variety of different sizes – you have everything from the small 140-piece sets to the huge 1600-piece sets. The smallest and cheapest sets can always find a spot on the shelf and make great gifts for people, but for “professional” Lego builders, they aren’t exactly a match.

The container truck here is the set that sits somewhere in the middle – it’s neither cheap nor expensive and it has a little under 1000 pieces. We have labeled this set a functional, attractive and colorful model – all of this makes it stand out from the crowd. It’ nothing like the Volvo behemoth, which is practically yellow and black. In this set, you have a total of six colors of panels and beams - you–have yellow, dark grey, black, red, light grey and blue. If you are familiar with the Technic background, you probably already realize that this is unique.

We kind of have a problem with it being referred to as a “container truck,” because it certainly isn’t a container truck. It’s a European-style rubbish skip lorry. Go look that up and you’ll see what we mean there.


The Box

Every product starts with a box, so it’s only right that you learn about it first. This box right here measures 48cm x 28cm x 9cm. It’s around the same size as the Lego 76203 set, but set 76203 may be a tad bit thicker, but that’s because it contains about 800 more pieces than this one right here, so that makes perfect sense.

On the front of the box, you’ll find a truck that is loaded with the container. Looking on the upper right corner of the box, you’ll be introduced to some functions, like the feature that lets you tip the container in order to empty it or the one that allows you to extend the outriggers.


Here’s a picture that shows the truck emptying the container:



Here’s a picture of the front of the box:



Flipping the box over and looking at the back side, you’ll learn that you can empty the container or you can remove it in order to replace it with an empty one. You’ll also be introduced to the optional Power Functions setup. On the back side, you’ll also come face to face with a detailed image of the B-model (a Road Grader).


Here’s a picture of the back of the box:



Contents in the Box

Now, it is finally time to open that box up so that we can get a look at the contents that are inside it. Are you as excited as we are? Once you open the box, you’ll find seven unnumbered bags, two booklets of Lego Building Instructions and a sticker sheet – there’s always a sticker sheet, right?

While we are used to finding a cardboard back with the Lego instructions in order to keep the manuals from bending while in the box, there was no cardboard back. However, they must have done something right, because the sticker sheet and booklets were in near mint condition.

While unpacking the box, we couldn’t help but to notice it contained a good collection of liftarms, which is perfect for beginners or even children that are just starting out.


Here’s a picture of the box and the manuals:




As far as the functions go, once you get this set put together, you’ll have two functions to mess around with. You can raise/lower the outriggers at the back and load/unload the skip. The functions can be controlled through a switch via a gearbox that is controlled by a lever. Unfortunately, the battery box and motor aren’t included in this set, but you can add them yourself with little effort.


Here’s a picture of the truck once it’s put together:



Highlighted Parts

This set was introduced back in 2014 and for back then, it contained some new parts, along with some existing parts available in new colors. In this section of the review, we’re going to take some time to introduce you to some of the unique parts from the set.


49.5 x 29 Tire


2014 was the year that Lego introduced new tires and here they are, in this set. We believe these tires are a great choice for this vehicle right here and they offer a more realistic proportion.


Here, you can see the tires and axle:



5L Axle with Stop

Also, during 2014, the 5L Axle with Stop was introduced. Come to think of it, this is basically the same part as the 4L Axle with Stop, but it’s only a unit longer and comes in a dark tan color.


Bionicle Chain Link Section

Mind you, the bionicle chain link section isn’t exactly a new part, but personally, we have never seen it with a Technic set before. Regardless, it looks nice.


1x6 Thin Liftarm

Take it from us, this is a rare part as it wasn’t released in very many sets.


1x5 thin liftarm with Axle Holes

This piece right here popped up in a 2013 set, but to us, we feel it was a fairly new part that is worth listing in the “unique” section.

Part List


This set contains a total of 948 parts.


The Build



Once you have everything sorted out and ready to go, it’ll be time to move forward with the build process. When you first start the process, you’ll be starting out with the front of the truck. Here, you will be using a 1x7 Gear Rack for the steering in the front wheels.

During this time, you’ll find that the front of the truck, located just under the cab, is starting to take proper form. We couldn’t help but to notice the axle for HoG steering is pretty visible.

After you have the front section put together, you’ll be moving forward to working on the gear box, which is fun. Many may think the gear box is used in order to drive the fake engine, but it’s really used for driving the 2 main functions and switching between those two.

Switching between the functions isn’t all that hard – it can be done at the front of the truck, around the cab. Movement of the lever, however, has been limited by the 18x8mm wheels with fake bolts.

Once you reach the end of the first booklet, you’ll be applying stickers to each side of the build. You can activate the functions by turning the Black 12T Double Bevel Gear, which can be found on the right side of the truck. The gear is fairly cumbersome, so it’s not the easiest way to operate and to fully extend the boom, you’ll have to turn it a lot, but that’s okay.

When you move forward to the second instruction book, you’ll start building the cab and that’s where things are going to get interesting for you. There’s a license plate that comes with this set and it reads CU11014. We’re not sure where Lego got this license plate idea because as far as we know, we don’t see any designers that have the initials CU, so the plate is a pretty big mystery. Looking online, we found some people suggesting that it could be the release date that reads “See You in 2014 10th of January.”





Looking at this review, what do you think of this model? Do you feel it would be something that is suitable for you? This is actually something we started building after Lego 42055 and Lego 75104 sets and we feel this one was very fun. The vibrant colors really do this model justice and the new tires and parts that are introduced in this set make it even better.

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