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LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane Review


Are your kids really experimentative and curious about building stuff? Are they up for any kind of challenges that are given to them? Are they ready to spend a whopping 7-10 hours to build some of the coolest and massive structures like the crane or a high-speed train or a remote controlled Volvo? If that is the case, then do not forget to check out the LEGO Technic building sets that are exclusively designed for the future engineers budding in your own house. Just try one set and you can never fell less tempted to try the others.

LEGO has brought you a completely new set to test your building abilities and to brush up your skills if you have been out of touch. Yes, this time it is the heavy and huge crawler crane. We present you before our latest and most intriguing product, the LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane! Imagine, you are building a crane when you are still a kid, and that too, a crane that is so very close to the realistic one. No one except LEGO can give you such an experience.

What You Will Find Inside The Box?

  • The box is a set consisting of the components required to build the 2-in-1 crawler crane. It features Power Functions motorized boom, winch, superstructure and caterpillar tracks.
  • It also features an opening claw, tilting cab, extendable boom, extensive cabling and a realistic exhaust pipe and ventilation grid.

Front Cover:The image shows you the 2-in-1 crawler cum mobile crane that is easy to handle, extremely flexible and a terrific performer. Oh it has the capacity to finish as many huge, time-consuming tasks as you are willing to get done. It is the must-have for every top notch architect like you, so that you can keep building amazing buildings very quickly.


  • Back Cover:The back cover shows the exact difference between a crawler crane and a mobile tower crane. The crawler crane is the one shown on the left half of the box. This type of crane is used for moving the entire crane from one part to another, i.e., crawl it from its original location to the new one. But the mobile tower crane that is shown on the right side of the box is a static one with just a mobile tower that will be moving low and high to lift and hold or place the heavy load. It features the extensive cabling and a realistic exhaust pipe and ventilation grid, too. This is simple principle that is explained through the various diagrams at the back cover of the box<

The images on the box show the crawler crane lifting a heavy object and it does so with the help of motorized boom which gives enough pull to lift the object off the floor. The crane has a motorized boom that can be operated using joysticks.




The above image shows the instruction set for building this giant crane that can be changed from a crawler crane to a mobile tower crane and vice versa.




The above image shows the contents that have been emptied out of the box. You can see the neatly packed and labelled packets with the components you require to build the LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane.

The image shown below depicts the packets that have been arranged linearly, with the different colored pieces of the components kept separately. This is aimed to reduce the efforts you need to put in to understand which pieces form which parts of the crane, etc. But without the instruction set (that is very well present in the box) you would surely be completely clueless.




The above image shows the components required to build the extendable boom (the components are placed in a zip locked cover. This extendable boom is easily fixed in the crane and can be used to fetch/lift or place the heavy object at the appropriate location. This is an added advantage and will actually give you enough room to learn more about these cranes and the type of loads they manage to lift.

The Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane that comes with this set measures over 24" (61cm) high, 23" (60cm) long and 7" (20cm) wide.

The images below show the crawler crane that is most often used in the building and construction sites. This crane can be moved from one place to the other and can be used along with an extendable boom to lift heavy and sometimes distant objects from the ground level. The crawler crane is generally mounted on a moveable platform.

The first image shows the moveable platform on which the crawler crane is seated and operated from.


The crawler crane is a heavy duty machine and thus it is a massive structure which weighs several tonnes. Every crane in itself is a mega structure. So it is not going to be an easy breezy ride on this task.

It requires some real concentration and dedication to manage this and you need to be mentally prepared to spend some long hours on this task, so that you can relax and see the mega structure sitting beautifully on the living room table, just to put anyone at awe when they set their eyes on that insanely complex structure.


The next image actually shows how a working crawler crane looks like when it is prepared for its mission and is placed perfectly on its platform, fixed really accurately.



Another image of the same crawler crane shot from a different angle.



The below given image shows how the motorized drive on which the crawler crane is resting is easily moveable backwards and forwards without much of an effort. This was it is easy to position the crane the way it is required, as close to the object as possible. And then the object can be lifted from the ground level easily.

Also the motorized boom can be moved according to the convenience of the user, without much fuss.


The crawler crane along with an opening claw, tilting cab, extendable boom, and extensive cabling is shown below, the final image you will be seeing once you are done building up the entire structure.




The images below show extensive cabling that is done in this huge, gigantic structure that is going to be power operated with motorized booms and drives that can move 360 degree front and back to lift the desired structure. It is an extremely complex structure but when once begun, it will keep you rapt with interest and attention.

To make it seem even more realistic, a real exhaust pipe and ventilation grid are also featured and can be built so that you have the complete feel of a crane running functioning on your table and you get the feel of a construction site work carried out in full swing!







The perfectly clicked image shows the minutest details of the opening claw: the way it functions, that is, opening up to clutch the object, the heavy and extensive cabling to support the winch with the mighty structure and how the motorized boom zooms back and forth when at work!

The next three images show how the motorized boom and the drive work in coordination to lift the object under consideration and place is neatly on the desired location. This is the close to reality kind of an experience that you can see on carrying out this simple operation.






The caterpillar tracks, the huge structures that help manoeuvre the mighty, majestic crawler crane are of equal significance just like any other part of the crane. These actually help the mega structure to move on the soft terrain without sinking in. This is because they have the ability to spread the weight of the crane over a great area and thus helps to balance the several tonne structure on the ground. Also, the caterpillar tracks help the crawler crane to move about with load still clasped between the claws, as easily as it moves without that heavy weight.



The above image shows the various labels that are stuck on the different parts of the crane. You need to take a keen look at the images given above and locate the appropriate locations for which these are meant to be stuck.

Apart from that, it shows the cables (neatly packed in the zip lock cover) required for the extensive cabling that needs to be done on the crane to get it rolling on the ground. The cables are also significant parts of the crane and they a lot of accuracy and perfection.

Next in the above image is the joystick that will be used by you to navigate the boom or the drive and the also whether to clasp or unclasp the heavy object that needs to be lifted from the ground.


The above image shows the extendable boom that can be attached or detached as per the requirement in order to lift any heavy object present at a certain distance from the crane. In places where in the manoeuvring the crane becomes difficult due to lack of enough space or the roads being very poor, this idea of extendable boom comes as a boon; and since we are offering no less than a real experience, our product designers too considered to include this in the kit.

You will surely have an experience like never before and moreover you will learn many important details about crane building as you get down to do this job yourself.


The above image shows the picture of the motorized boom after the fitting in of the extendable boom. You can see the significant change in the length of the boom that can be rotated, moved forward or backward using the joystick provided in the pack.

The last image in this guide is that of a mobile tower crane. Tower cranes can be seen as a modern version of cranes that are a form of balance cranes consisting of the same parts as the other cranes. Tower cranes often chosen for work where in object lifting to many great heights is the priority as they give the best combination of height and lifting capacity and are used in the construction of tall buildings.

This LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane offers the young builders the experience of both types of cranes, that is, crawler crane as well as mobile tower crane.

The Mobile Tower Crane that is included in this box measures over 23" (60cm) high, 22" (58cm) long and 7" (20cm) wide. The image below shows how tall you can make the boom and make it rest on the drive and also balanced by the drive. You can then move the boom up and down as you wish to and can lift objects to a good height.

A cool blue and white colour scheme adds the finishing touch to this awesome model. Rebuilds into a huge Mobile Tower Crane!




From LEGO Experts

  • LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane is designed by the product designers taking two important points into consideration: 1. Tough, realistic building project that can be made with some effort using the instruction guide. 2. A product that gives some room to explore more than just sticking to a basic model — that is the reason we made it a 2-in-1 crane.
  • It took the LEGO design testers 5-7 hours to build the entire structure and test for its mobility.
  • The designers claim that converting it in to a 2-in-1 crane was a tough procedure but they wanted the kids to experience building both of them; therefore you have this product which is sheer example of complex design and marvellous outcome.
  • This product is aimed at the age group of 10-16 year olds, who are curious and equally willing to learn something new.

Word of Caution

  • This kit is designed only for kids aged 10-16, therefore the parents of the kids are warned that in case you have children aged 3 and below, make sure you keep the kit out of their reach as it is possible that they may be affected of choking hazard.
  • The pieces of the entire set is of varied sizes from large to small and it is highly likely that infants might pick any of these small pieces and put them in their mouth. The parents are asked to be very careful on that part.


Final Thoughts

  • This product can serve as a perfect gift for any kid aged 10-16 as it will improve their cognitive skills, understanding complex figures by self-reading and self-attempting, and also the desire to learn more.
  • They will look for further opportunities in future where they may be able to learn building and knowing about of different machines used by man in his day to day life. This will widen their learning horizons and make them inquisitive about the mega machines built and used men every day.
  • By taking up the building work, the kids can also involve their friends in the task and thus make it a learning process for them too. In this way, knowledge sharing through hands-on experience can be seen and parents should definitely encourage such activities.
  • This can be a perfect gift for kids and they can have a great way of learning to build stuff. They can also get to know the entire process of how the heavy machines, such as the cranes work at the vast construction site and what kind of cranes are used for what kind of jobs.
  • This all new concept of build and learn or do it yourself will encourage your kids to be independent, smart and always updated; in a way LEGO focuses on the overall development of an individual, whoever chooses to try out our products.

LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane is now available online on Amazon. You can type in your zip code to check the availability of the product at your locality and place the order with just a mouse click.

If you feel that the fresh pack is too expensive for your pocket, you can also opt for a collectible, which may not be a brand-new edition, but it will be somewhat close to the same experience as the box, the contents and the instruction set, all are intact.

You may also check out LEGO’s other interesting product like Technic 42030 Remote Controlled OLVO L350F Wheel Load or the LEGO Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II to just make the building experience even more fun filled and interesting. You may buy a product combo of any of the products mentioned in the website along with the LEGO Technic 42042 Crawler Crane!

So hurry up, grab your box of LEGO Crawler crane do not miss out on the fun of building this monster structure. Be the first one to build the structure and review the product on the website. Your opinion is all is needed to encourage the others!

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