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Recreate Your Favorite Model With LEGO Racer


There is absolutely no need of introducing LEGO, however you might need some introduction to LEGO Racers series, which is one the most popular series by LEGO. In the world of LEGO racers, there are several model replicas, exciting computer games and customizable models. It is perfect for young boys, or anyone who is enthusiastic about racing, Lego cars or simply building LEGO.

LEGO Sets Are Great!
When it comes to making quality toys, LEGO is simply a specialist. The toy set you buy comes in pieces, but there’s nothing to be afraid about. That’s how it is supposed to be. The toy set is not broken, it is your job to place all the parts together. When you are done doing that, you get to use or play with the finished item. The finished item is the one you see pictured on retail box.

LEGO Racers
All LEGO series are quite great. The range of LEGO products include just about anything you can possibly think of. Whether its assembling real towers, buildings or castles, you will find anything you are interested in. If you like building real, LEGO Racers series is just perfect for you. This series allows you to assemble all those high end cars, which you would dream of owning in real life.
You can play with them or even display in the living room, if that’s what you find appropriate. LEGO Racer cars are so aesthetically and artfully designed that they catch the attention of everyone’s eyes. Attention has been provided to details, with every part looking like the part of the real model that costs so much more.

Some Great LEGO Racers Set

LEGO Racers series recreates some of the classic cars that are loved by masses. For instance, the Lego 42056 set recreates the Porsche 911 GT3 RS car and comes in its distinctive and characterstic orange color. The model is available at a scale of 1:8. There are 856 building steps for this set, all of which are well described in the instruction book, which is 578 pages long. Just like most other sets from LEGO, the unique luxurious packaging of this set is extremely appealing.

LEGO 10220 is another authentic set, which is a replica of the 1962’s classic Volkswagen Camper Van. Every iconic feature of that camper fan is available in it. There is terrific detailing on the outside, including the V-shaped three-way color split at front, window frames and rounded roof, opening doors, opening windshield, roof rack, rear side air intake, etc. The detailing continues on the inside as well, with front cabin bench seat, angled dashboard, gear stick, iconic speedometer and VW air-cooled boxer engine.

Recreating the iconic VW Beetle is the awesome lego 10252 set. This model is detailed to recreate some of the unique characteristics of VW Beetle, including azure-blue color scheme, VW logo, flat windshield, curved fenders, fuel tank and 4- cylinder engine. There are accessible interior components as well. This set provides a challenging yet rewarding LEGO building experience.

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